Mobil Refining (Australia) Pty Ltd


Altona Laboratory

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

13 Sep 1965


Corner Millers and Kororoit Creek Roads
Altona, VIC 3018


Mr Bryden Pyke P: +61 (03) 92175746


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Withdrawn 01 Jul 2022


Altona Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Aviation fuels Water separation characteristics Micro-Separometer (MSEP) ASTM D3948
Freezing point Temperature ASTM D5972
Particulate matter Gravimetric ASTM D5452
Thermal oxidation stability Pressure; Visual examination ASTM D3241
Freezing point Temperature ASTM D2386
Aviation fuels; Turbine fuels Cleanliness Particle analyser IP 564
Gum content Gravimetric IP 540
Diesel; Distillate fuels; Fuel oil Filter blocking tendency Filtration IP 387
Gaseous fuels 1,3-Butadiene; 1-Butylene (1-butene); 2-Methylbutane (isopentane); Butane (n-butane); Ethane; Ethene (ethylene); Isobutane; Isobutene (iso-Butene); Methane; Pentane (n-pentane); Propane; Propene (propylene); cis-2-Butene; trans-2-Butene GC-FID; GC-TCD IP 405 Analysis of butane and propane products only.
Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) Hydrogen sulfide Lead acetate paper ISO 8819
Liquid fuels Naphthalene hydrocarbons UV-vis spectrophotometry ASTM D1840
Dryness of propane Valve freeze ASTM D2713
Distillation characteristics Distillation ASTM D86
Flash point Temperature IP 170
Smoke point Temperature ASTM D1322
Free water; Particulate matter Visual examination ASTM D4176 Fuel Haze rating
Acidity - Total Titration ASTM D3242
Vapour pressure Pressure ASTM D5191
Lubricity High-frequency reciprocating rig (HFFR) IP 450
Density Pressure hydrometer ASTM D1298; D1657
Silver corrosion Visual examination IP 227
Colour - Saybolt Spectrophotometry ASTM D156
Phosphorus UV-vis spectrophotometry ASTM D3231
Viscosity - Kinematic Time ASTM D445
Aromatic hydrocarbons Gas chromatography (GC) ASTM D5580
Hydrogen sulfide Titration IP 272
Cloud point Temperature ASTM D2500
Motor octane number (MON) Test engine ASTM D2700
Density Density meter ASTM D4052
Thermal oxidation stability Gravimetric; Time ASTM D525
Ash Gravimetric ASTM D482
Sediment - Total Gravimetric ASTM D4870
Copper corrosion Visual examination ASTM D1838
Estimated heat of combustion Calculation ASTM D3338
Carbon residue Micro method ASTM D4530
Mercaptan sulfur Titration ASTM D3227
Research octane number (RON) Test engine ASTM D2699
Copper corrosion Visual examination ASTM D130
Conductivity Electrometric ASTM D2624
Cetane index Calculation ASTM D4737
Water content; Water sediment Gravimetric ASTM D1796
Pour point Temperature ASTM D97
Cloud point Temperature ASTM D5773
Flash point Temperature ASTM D93
Storage stability Classical ASTM D5304
Hydrogen sulfide; Mercaptan sulfur; Peroxides; Sulfur Doctor test IP 30
Gum content Gravimetric ASTM D381
Filtration time; Solids - Total Gravimetric; Time MIL-DTL-83133 Determination of filtration time and total solids part of the procedure only.
Colour Visual examination ASTM D1500
Aromatic/olefin/saturated hydrocarbon type classification Fluorescent indicator adsorption ASTM D1319
Sulfur - Total UV fluorescence
Lead X-ray fluorescence (XRF) IP 352 Automotive gasoline only
Acid number; Base number Titration ASTM D974
Sediment Gravimetric ASTM D473
Sulfur X-ray fluorescence (XRF) ASTM D4294
Residue on evaporation Gravimetric JLPGA-S-05T-86
Water Distillation ASTM D95

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