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Enquiries about Offshore Accreditation

Does NATA Provide Accreditation Services Offshore?

NATA does not actively seek to offer accreditation services in the economies of MRA partners, and NATA’s practices are in accordance with the principles of ILAC G21:2012 Cross Frontier Accreditation-Principles for Cooperation. This document can be obtained from the ILAC website.

NATA may however consider offering accreditation services outside of Australia where no national MRA partner is operating or that partner does not offer accreditation for the activity performed by the potential applicant. This is however dependent on a clear business case being demonstrated and that the health and safety of NATA’s lead and technical assessors could not be potentially compromised. Any offshore enquiry is considered from both of these perspectives.

Consideration will also be given to requests from Australian businesses operating offshore where accreditation by NATA is preferred. This will only be considered where a business case can be made, safety considerations can be met, and following discussion with the national accreditation body.

The same surveillance requirements and other accreditation practices as applied to Australian facilities are applied where offshore accreditation services are provided.

Home About NATA International Enquiries about offshore accreditation