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Training and other Offshore Services Offered by NATA

NATA occasionally provides consulting services and capacity building in the area of accreditation for laboratories, proficiency testing service providers, reference material producers and inspection bodies.

However, as with other offshore activities, this is subject to the availability of suitable resources, safety considerations, and a suitable business case being able to be made in regard to accepting such work.

NATA’s Training and Education Services Group will also consider requests for offshore training where these are relevant to the experience and offerings of the group. As with offshore accreditation however, a clear business case must be demonstrated and the health and safety considerations must be met.

On request, NATA will also assist in identifying suitable technical assessors for offshore assessments conducted by other accreditation bodies, where there is no suitable local expert. NATA will initially liaise with the assessor as to their interest and availability and put the other accreditation body in touch with that assessor if that assessor is interested. NATA will not however play any further role in such a case and any subsequent arrangements will be the responsibility of the other accreditation body and that assessor.

More information on these services can be obtained from our Training Services Group.

Home About NATA International Enquiries about offshore training