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Benefits of Accreditation

Benefits of becoming a NATA Accredited Facility

What does becoming an Accredited Facility mean to your Organisation?

The NATA accreditation process provides objective, independent attestation that your facility is competent to carry out testing, calibration, inspection or related technical activities in accordance with international and other standards.

Being an accredited facility builds your organisation’s credibility.
This credibility gives your clients greater confidence in your ability to produce reliable data from particular tests, inspections, calibrations and related activities. This in turn builds trust in your services. 

NATA accreditation is highly regarded both locally and internationally and can give your organisation a competitive edge in business.  

As NATA is signatory to Mutual Recognition Arrangements, reports from NATA accredited facilities are recognised overseas, thus providing opportunities for organisations supporting trade of Australian goods and services. 

Benefits of using products and services from an NATA Accredited Facility

What does using an Accredited Facility mean to you as a Consumer?

Every day, Australians rely on testing, measurement, inspection and related activities in some way.  This may be directly - for example, by having a pathology test, or indirectly – for example, much of the food we eat and the water we drink is tested to ensure that it is safe.

Many of the products that we buy and services that we use are tested or inspected to appropriate standards. 

Standards touch so many areas of our lives from car safety to hospital equipment. 

Imagine a world without standards. 

  • The milk our children drink may not be safe.
  • The toys our children play with may be hazardous.
  • The water we drink could be toxic.
  • The electrical equipment we use could injure us.
  • The bridges we travel may not be safe. 

These are only a few examples of how having no standards could affect our daily lives.

But how can Consumers have confidence that the products and services they use meet appropriate standards?

NATA(National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) accredits competent facilities to perform the testing and inspection activities for those products and services.  This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices.