Our people

Our people

NATA has always attracted people with a natural affinity for the work we do and the results we seek to achieve for our members, stakeholders and the broader community.

As an organisation, we recognise their daily contributions and are always committed to making a significant investment in their personal and professional development.

Dedicated and focused in their areas of expertise from administration and training through to our volunteer Technical Assessors, NATA’s team, while diverse in roles and activities, is single minded in its goal to deliver beneficial outcomes for our members and the public.


NATA’s culture is one of inclusiveness. Each person plays a critical, interactive and collaborative role in ensuring all components of NATA’s operations work in unison to achieve key assessment and accreditation outcomes.

In doing this, NATA is mindful of employee needs and provides appropriate support from training to work-life balance initiatives.


Our core values are in operation every day and shape who we are and what we do. They underscore our commitment to our services and provide direction and outcomes for our staff, stakeholders and the wider community.

We practice:

Diligence: We deliver our services proficiently, with integrity and impartiality.

Responsibility: We are reliable and accountable for our services.

Innovation: We develop our practices to ensure ongoing relevance to our business to members, clients and stakeholders.

Value: We deliver services that are recognised for their importance to the national interest and add value to our members’ and clients’ businesses.

Expertise: We deliver our services with a high level of expert knowledge.

Education and advancement

NATA employees are actively encouraged to seek new roles and responsibilities and increase their knowledge of NATA operations where opportunities for education or advancement exist. This helps increase morale and spreads knowledge throughout the organisation. 

Become a member

Benefits of being a NATA accredited organisation

NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices. When you choose to become NATA accredited, you can be sure of a number of competitive advantages for your business.
NATA members receive a globally-recognised, peer-reviewed and government endorsed accreditation that provides a unique level of assurance to members, their clients and the community.
Our accreditation provides an independent benchmark for technical competence. Receiving NATA accreditation demonstrates to customers your organisation’s commitment to quality, safety and reliability of products and services.
NATA accreditation is both nationally and internationally recognised. This provides a competitive advantage when compared to non-accredited organisations and ensures you are market-ready to capitalise on trade opportunities.
NATA has been training individuals and teams both nationally and internationally for over 20 years and enjoys a global reputation for the quality of its courses and programs. Our active role in international accreditation education has seen us conduct training in over 20 countries.
NATA’s long standing and active involvement with international groups enables our members to gain international recognition for their accreditation and minimises the need for multiple assessments from different suppliers.
NATA provides innovative and timely business solutions that meet the needs of our members and fulfil the expectations of the community. We have the experience and resources to ensure your accreditation provides you and your organisation with unique advantages.