Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS)


What is DIAS?

The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) was developed in 2007 to ensure safety and quality standards for diagnostic imaging practices translating to better patient outcomes.

DIAS links mandatory accreditation to the payment of Medicare benefits for diagnostic imaging services listed in the Diagnostic Imaging Services Table (DIST). This includes general X-rays, angiography, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography, MRI, orthopantomography (OPG) and ultrasound services.

NATA. The logical choice for DIAS accreditation

NATA has been approved as an accreditor under DIAS by the Commonwealth Department of Health and has held this status since its introduction in 2007.

Seeking DIAS through NATA offers many advantages including:

  • The support of a nationally recognised accreditation body with extensive experience in the Australian healthcare industry.
  • A simple and streamlined online accreditation portal.
  • A team of dedicated professionals with a sound understanding of the needs of both diagnostic imaging practices and specialists providing imaging services.
  • A dedicated case manager to build a working knowledge of your practice, providing you with the support and resources that you need to understand the requirements of the scheme.

DIAS Standards

The Standards have been developed by the Australian Government Department of Health. The DIAS Standards consist of fifteen safety and quality standards.

You can find them here.

Accreditation periods

New practices entering the DIAS may choose to be accredited against either three entry-level Standards (Standards 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) or the full suite of Standards. 

Entry level accreditation is awarded for a period of two years and practices must then be accredited against the full suite of Standards (four years). 

Entry level accreditation is only available to new practices entering the Scheme.

Practices previously accredited must seek re-accreditation against the full suite of Standards and cannot apply for re-accreditation against the entry level Standards.

If you would like to register your practice with NATA DIAS please click the “Register” link below to be taken to the portal, then select “Join Now”.

Accreditation portal

NATA utilises a web-based auditing platform. This is a simple, streamlined portal that contains resources for completing your accreditation submissions. Accreditation information is tailored to the needs of your practice – or the needs of your organisation.


Fees are charged for conducting an assessment of your submission for accreditation and includes free support from our dedicated team. Our fee schedule can be found here.

Discounts are available for practice groups – please contact us for more information.

Contact our DIAS team

Contact one of our accreditation specialists to help you choose the right accreditation for your business.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff understand the needs of diagnostic imaging practices and are fully conversant in the requirements of the DIAS.

To speak with a member of the NATA diagnostic imaging team:

Call: 1800 621 666 or you can contact DIAS via email: diaccreditation@nata.com.au


Information about the Standards and the different requirements between entry level and the full suite accreditation, as well as guidance for completing the process, can be found at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare website here

Register your site with NATA for the DIAS.

You will need to demonstrate compliance to the full suite of Practice Accreditation Standards.

Contact NATA team to discuss your specific requirements or register now.

Please contact a NATA DIAS Accreditation Specialist to get the process underway to ensure your DIAS needs are met.

Practices with accreditation under the voluntary RANZCR/NATA Medical Imaging Accreditation Program (MIAP) will have their MIAP accreditation recognised under DIAS.

NATA Medical Imaging staff will ensure that all DIAS requirements are performed seamlessly within the current accreditation activities to minimise any interruptions to your practice.

NATA accredited organisations are strongly encouraged to promote their accreditation by issuing NATA endorsed reports and by using the NATA logo.  As part of this process, it is each organisation’s responsibility to ensure that it describes its accreditation status accurately and stays within its Scope of Accreditation (SOA).

For more information, please refer to the document NATA General Accreditation Criteria – NATA logo for the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme

The NATA DIAS logo can be downloaded from the below links.


Become a member

Benefits of being a NATA accredited organisation

NATA accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This gives consumers the assurance they need to make safe, healthy and reliable choices. When you choose to become NATA accredited, you can be sure of a number of competitive advantages for your business.
NATA members receive a globally-recognised, peer-reviewed and government endorsed accreditation that provides a unique level of assurance to members, their clients and the community.
Our accreditation provides an independent benchmark for technical competence. Receiving NATA accreditation demonstrates to customers your organisation’s commitment to quality, safety and reliability of products and services.
NATA accreditation is both nationally and internationally recognised. This provides a competitive advantage when compared to non-accredited organisations and ensures you are market-ready to capitalise on trade opportunities.
NATA has been training individuals and teams both nationally and internationally for over 20 years and enjoys a global reputation for the quality of its courses and programs. Our active role in international accreditation education has seen us conduct training in over 20 countries.
NATA’s long standing and active involvement with international groups enables our members to gain international recognition for their accreditation and minimises the need for multiple assessments from different suppliers.
NATA provides innovative and timely business solutions that meet the needs of our members and fulfil the expectations of the community. We have the experience and resources to ensure your accreditation provides you and your organisation with unique advantages.