What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the way we recognise, determine and promote the ability of organisations that perform specific types of technical and scientific activities. 

These activities can include measurement, testing, calibration and inspection and accreditation recognises an organisation’s compliance with relevant national and international standards. 

NATA. Australia’s leading accreditation authority for over 75 years

Accreditation has an impact on almost every element of our daily lives from the food we eat to the cars we drive. NATA accreditation empowers organisations by giving them the tools, skills and confidence to meet the highest performance and reliability measures giving assurance to their customers and the community. Aligning with relevant international standards and addressing compliance, quality and risk elements, NATA accreditation also helps organisations improve their business operations and market presence.

Benefits of choosing a NATA accredited supplier

When businesses choose a NATA accredited supplier they can be sure that: 

  • Accredited specifications will be met 
  • There will be certainty and reliability in the supply chain
  • They can rely on the supplier’s technical competence and capability 
  • Like can be compared to like in a competitive market-place 
  • They are show-casing a quality-centric approach 
  • They will reduce the risk of failure and downtime 
  • Measurements and tests are accurate and have been carried out in compliance with best practice. 

Peer review

NATA enjoys a national and international reputation for its accreditation work due largely to our peer-review process in the assessment phase. 

The peer-review is made possible by over 3000 volunteer industry experts – also known as Technical Assessors, who work closely with the NATA team of Accreditation Specialists ensuring the assessment is comprehensive. 

Recommendations for accreditation are reviewed by an expert panel – the Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC) – before the organisation is awarded its accreditation. 

This detailed process positions accredited organisations as leaders in their industries.