Accreditation Criteria and Guidance

The accreditation criteria and guidance documents are packaged to align with the accreditation standard (accreditation program) and industry classifications where relevant. In the scopes of accreditation NATA publishes, the industry classifications are identified as “activity types”.

The various packages available are referred to as the NATA Accreditation Criteria (NAC) and are available here . Each NAC includes the following documents:

  • General NATA Documents
  • General Accreditation Criteria
  • General Accreditation Guidance
  • Specific Accreditation Criteria
  • Specific Accreditation Guidance
    • includes a document describing the standard (program) and/or activities and services the NAC is applicable to
  • General Accreditation Forms
  • Specific Accreditation Forms

The General Documents, Criteria, Guidance and Forms are applicable to all accredited and applicant facilities as relevant, while the Specific Criteria, Guidance and Forms are applicable to only one given standard (program) and/or activity type.

A copy of the documents applicable for each accreditation standard (program) and activity type in which accreditation is held, or being sought, must be readily available to staff working in a NATA accredited or applicant facility.