Fire Technology Laboratory

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16 Feb 1996


14 Julius Ave, Riverside Corporate Park
North Ryde, NSW 2113



Mr Keith Nicholls P: +61 0472832278


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Scope of Accreditation

Fire Technology Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of fire risk for building materials, components and structures Building materials Smoke release Cone calorimeter; Dynamic measurement; Oxygen consumption calorimeter ISO 5660-2 Smoke production rate
Heat release; Mass loss rate; Smoke release Not applicable AS 3837,
ISO 5660-1
Non-combustibility performance Furnace BS 476-4,
ISO 1182
Refractory tube furnace
Building materials; Elements of building construction Flame propagation Not applicable AS 1530.3,
AS 5113,
BS 8414-1,
BS 8414-2,
ISO 13785-2

Flammability Not applicable AS 1530.2 For flexible materials
Ignitability Not applicable AS 1530.3
Heat release Not applicable AS 1530.3
Combustibility Dynamic measurement; Furnace AS 1530.1 Refractory tube furnace
Smoke release Oxygen consumption calorimeter AS 1530.3
Components for smoke and heat control systems Fire resistance Not applicable AS 1530.4 For the purposes of determining compliance with BS 7346-3.
Includes testing for smoke curtains.
Components for the protection of openings in fire resistant walls and separating elements Fire resistance Not applicable AS 1905.1 Sections 3.1 to 3.4,
AS 1905.2 Sections 6 and 7,
AS 4072.1,
Including fire resistant doorsets, fire resistant roller shutters, service penetrations and control joints, penetration firestop systems.
Composite assemblies of structural materials; Masonry unit assemblies Fire resistance Not applicable ASTM E119 Structural assemblies for buildings, including load bearing and other walls and partitions, columns, girders, beams, slabs and composite slabs, and beam assemblies for floors and roofs.
Elements of building construction Fire resistance Not applicable AS 1530.4
Fire resistance; Simulated bushfire attack Large flaming sources; Small flaming sources AS 1530.8.1,
AS 1530.8.2
Fire resistance tests on elements of building constructions which can be accommodated in a horizontal furnace of nominal plan dimensions 4.56 m × 3.66 m, or in a vertical furnace with nominal plan dimensions 3.0 m × 3.0 m.
Fire resistance Not applicable BS 476-20;
BS 476-21;
BS 476-22;
BS 476-23;
EN 1363-1;
EN 1363-2;
EN 1364-1;
EN 1364-2;
EN 1365-1;
EN 1365-2;
EN 1365-3;
EN 1365-4;
ISO 834-4;
ISO 834-5;
ISO 834-6;
ISO 834-7;
ISO 834-8;
ISO 834-9

Including: Load bearing elements (walls, floors, roofs, beams, columns, vertical separating elements, horizontal separating elements); Non-load bearing elements (ceilings, walls, vertical separating elements)
Fire resistance; Heat resistance Not applicable AS 1692.1 sections 4 and 5;
BS 476-24;
EN 1366-1;
EN 1366-2;
EN 1366-3;
ISO 10294-1;
SS 333
Including service installations, fire dampers, penetration seals, ventilation ducts.

Factory made air ducts and air connectors Surface burning characteristics Not applicable UL 181-11
Floor covering systems Critical radiant flux Radiant heat AS ISO 9239.1,
ASTM E648,
ISO 9239-1
Burning behaviour
Products for installation in ships Fire resistance Not applicable FTP Code 2010 Annex 1: Part 3, Appendix 1 Class divisions "A", "B", and "F"
Windows, doors, shutters and blinds Fire resistance Not applicable EN 1364-3,
ISO 3008,
ISO 3009
Including: Door and shutter assemblies; Openable windows; Glazed elements; Smoke control doors; Door hardware
Wiring system elements Fire resistance Not applicable AS/NZS 3013

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