Intertek Technical Services Pty Ltd



Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

03 Apr 2014


Suite 2, Building 3 Forest Central Business Park, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East
Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086


Ms Loretta Flannery P: +61 (02) 99780123


Type A Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation


ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Building products and processes - Inspection Cast-in-situ concrete; Pre-cast concrete items Acceptance inspection; Examination; Fabrication inspection; Process inspection; Repair inspection; Surveillance; Survey; Systems assessment; Witnessing AS1012, AS1379, AS1554.3, and Client specifications


Including inspection of manufacture of pre and post pour of concrete elements and structures
Coated and corroded surfaces - Inspection Coated and corroded surfaces In-service inspection AS/NZS 1580, AS/NZS 4680, AS/NZS 2312, AS/NZS 3894, and customer specifications Inspection of application of protective coatings of structural steel work
Acceptance inspection; Fabrication inspection; Survey; Systems assessment AS/NZS 4680, AS/NZS 2312, AS/NZS 3894, VicRoads TB48 and customer specifications Surveillance of application of protective coatings to structural steel work
Fabricated components and assemblies - Inspection Steel assemblies; Structural steelwork; Structures; Welded fabrications Fabrication inspection; Surveillance; Systems assessment

AS 4100, AS/NZS 1554
VicRoads TB 46, VicRoads 630
client specifications and similar standards


Steel welded fabrications in structural applications
Surveillance and inspection of steel fabrication and structural steel erection
Pressure plant, pipelines and equipment - Fabrication inspection Fired pressure vessels; Pressure piping; Unfired pressure vessels Fabrication inspection

Australian standards, European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU as amended and harmonised standards

Hazard levels: A, B, C, D, E

Pressure plant, pipelines and equipment - In-service inspection Auxiliary vessels; Buried or mounded pressure equipment; Compressed air containing vessels; Pressure piping; Pressure relief devices; Static low temperature vessels - Below -10 ?C; Static storage vessels; Storage tanks to API 620 or equivalent; Transportable vessels In-service inspection

AS/NZS 3788


Including inspection of non-pressure pipework and components using the above procedure.
Road infrastructure - Inspection Precast concrete structural components; Road infrastructure Fabrication surveillance; Precast concrete surveillance; Process inspection AS1012, AS1379, AS1554.3, VicRoads TB47, VicRoads 610, VicRoads 611, VicRoads 620, and Client specifications
Surveillance of manufacture of of precast concrete structural components.

ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Expediting Project deliverables Expediting

Client contract / specification and in-house procedures 

Expediting of production of manufactured goods

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