Structural Steel Product Certification Scheme launched

Structural Steel

ATIC Scheme 10 - Requirements for bodies certifying manufacturers of structural steel products, has been launched. 

Designed to provide improved assurance of the quality of structural steel in the context of serious concerns about non-conforming product entering the market, this voluntary certification scheme requires product certifiers to be ISO/IEC 17065 accredited by JAS-ANZ for the relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards.

The scheme places significant emphasis on suppliers seeking certification of their products needing to use ILAC MRA signatory accredited laboratories and laboratories themselves using ISO/IEC 17043 accredited proficiency testing scheme providers.

ATIC, the Australian Technical Infrastructure Committee, is a technical group under the umbrella of the Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC). APCC is the peak council of departments responsible for procurement, construction and asset management policy for the Australian, State and Territory governments and the New Zealand Government. Papua New Guinea is an associate member. 

APCC has established itself as a national reference point for both government and industry on best practices, principles and emerging issues in procurement, construction and asset management disciplines. 

ATIC is progressively producing a suite of standard technical specifications (ATIC-SPEC) for construction materials which operate in parallel with the existing Water Services Specification (WS-SPEC). 

Full details of the scheme have been published on the JAS-ANZ website at: