Vale Len Sverdloff

Leonard (Len) SverdloffLeonard (Len) Sverdloff, a long-time advocate for NATA and a veteran Technical Assessor, passed away peacefully in South Australia on 9 May in the company of his family.

His daughter, Helen Praneiss, tells us that Len was born in Russia. After migrating to Australia he graduated from the University of Queensland in 1954 with a Diploma in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. He also played hockey and rugby at the state level.

Len held a number of professional qualifications including:

  • First Class Certificate as a Marine Engineer (Steam and Motor)
  • Welding Inspector (WTIA) 
  • Quality Assurance Lead Assessor ISO 9000
  • Pressure Equipment Inspector to European Pressure Equipment Directive

He had over 20 years experience as an Inspector of Boilers and Pressure Vessels and more than 15 years experience in Fabrication Inspection.

Len was a NATA Technical Assessor from 2004 until the time of his death. He was also a senior member of the Australian Institute of Engineer Surveyors (AIES) for many years

NATA’s Sector Manager for Inspection, Julian Wilson, said that Len was “a Councillor and a strident supporter of NATA.”

Len leaves behind his wife Mary, and their children Stephen, Michael, Janne and Helen.