Change to the Food Standards Code

The Food Standards Code has now been revised to update reference to food testing methods from the AS 1766 series to the current AS5013 series or equivalent ISO methods.

The Food Standards Code was revised 31 July 2014 with regards to microbiological limits for ready to eat foods.  This revision has included harmonisation with the Codex recommendations for microbiological limits for L monocytogenes.

The reference methods are ISO 11290-1 and ISO 11290-2.  These are horizontal methods applicable to all food types.  AS 5013.24.1 and AS5103.24.2 are also horizontal methods.

The new standard introduces two limits for L monocytogenes that are based on whether the ready to eat food can support the growth of L monocytogenes.  

Where growth is supported the requirement is L monocytogenes absent in 25g and where growth cannot occur due to processing, the method of storage or the characteristics of the food the limit is 100CFU/g.

Evidence will be required to support the classification of a ready to eat food as not be able to support growth.

Further information is available from Food Standards website.