New ILAC publications released

Over the past few weeks the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC have finalised 3 publications for your use.

1. A factsheet: ‘Specifying accreditation in Regulation’ is now available
This fact sheet sets out how to specify accredited laboratory and inspection body services to ensure the provision of reliable data and reports from competent facilities. It is available for distribution to regulators and specifiers to assist them in drafting regulations and specifications reliant on calibration, testing and inspection services. It is available from in the Government and Regulators section.

2. An ILAC and IAF handbook has been published. This handbook has been created for new and applicant members, but it will also be relevant to many of your colleagues who need a basic understanding of the remit and operation of the global accreditation system in their role. 

It is available from the members area of the ILAC website in the members resources section and under presentations:

It contains information on the role and structure of both organisations, the documents and publications, and the membership types. It sets out the way that the committees work, and the obligations of members to ensure that ILAC and IAF meet their objectives.

There is also a section that provides an overview of the materials that are available to support your promotional activities, and insight into how you can engage with ILAC and IAF to receive further information.

Please feel free to circulate within your organisation, or to use in your training activities.

3. ‘The Route to Signing the ILAC or IAF Arrangements’ has been reviewed and updated

The joint publication ‘The Route to Signing the ILAC or IAF Arrangements’ was produced three years ago to assist ABs outside a recognised Region through the relevant documentation and processes they are required to follow to become a Signatory. 

Since then, much of the information has become out of date due to the publication of new or revised documents, updates to standards, and the transfer of inspection to the sole responsibility of ILAC. Based on feedback from new members to ILAC and IAF, it was agreed that a high level document describing the process in a more generic way was of value. This revised document is now available from in the ILAC MRA section.