Meat Inspection – Department of Agriculture’s new Scheme

Meat Inspection

The Independent Employer of AAOs Accreditation Scheme will facilitate the ongoing acceptance of Australian meat exports to the European Union. 

The Scheme has been developed by the Department of Agriculture to provide for the employment of Australian Government Authorised Officers (AAOs) by independent employment providers. The employment of AAOs by independent agencies rather than by the slaughtering establishment provides additional confidence in the inspections performed.  

The scheme applies to inspectors undertaking on-line post mortem inspection in Australian export slaughter establishments exporting to EU markets. The scheme will require accreditation against ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by Australian National Accreditation Bodies to evaluate independent employers of Australian Government Authorised Officers (AAOs).  

For slaughtering facilities supplying the EU market, AAOs must be employed by an independent AAO employer approved by the department to supply AAOs.

The industry hopes that the Scheme may also be adopted for other markets to improve access for Australian meat and meat products.

NATA and the Department of Agriculture are entering into a Deed of Agreement which will facilitate the necessary exchange of information regarding applicant and accredited inspection bodies and the annual surveillance arrangements required by the Scheme rules.

Details of the Scheme are available from the Department’s website at: