Accreditation Matters sessions that are just for you  

Industry News June 6, 2024
NATA team

Learning the latest trends from the world of conformity assessment is one reason to come to Accreditation Matters. But another is to invest in your professional development. So often there may be insights you learn, or have to convey in a business setting, but without the adequate tools to communicate, that knowledge feels wasted.  

To help ensure you get the most from your Accreditation Matters experience, we’ve hand-picked three sessions which will help you positively impact your career.  

Tips on communication 

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  The same applies for scientists; we push the boundaries of existing knowledge and keep our society safe and functioning, but our work often goes unnoticed. Our expert panel will challenge preconceptions, using engaging storytelling to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively. It promises a harmonious blend of vision, communication, and science, offering attendees a unique and holistic perspectives along with tips and tricks to drive better communication and excellence in your workplace. 

Find out more on The science of communication, why visibility matters and tips from the experts in Room C5&6 on 26/06 at 11.15am. 

Find your mindful momentum 

Insights Discovery looks at the profound impact that heightened self-awareness can have on driving measurable business outcomes. This session will explore how leaders and teams attuned to their strengths, blind spots and interpersonal dynamics, can foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, cohesion and adaptability, through effective teamwork, purpose and prioritisation. 

Discover more on Mindful Momentum: Unleashing Business Outcomes through Awareness for Performance in C5&C6 on 26/06 at 2.45pm. 

Dispelling techie myths 

We unpack some of the myths and stereotypes of those that opt for laboratory work. NATA investigates the reality and origins of Carl Jung’s preference theory around extraversion and introversion with in-depth exploration and examples from today’s laboratory workplaces, dispelling the myths and uncovering truths about our complementary similarities and differences. 

We ask Are all techies “Introverts”? Unpacking some of the myths around laboratory staff stereotypes in C2 & C3 on 25/06 at 2.15pm 

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