Congratulations C.I. Scientific

NATA News March 10, 2023
Congratulations C.I. Scientific
NATA team

C.I. Scientific Pty Ltd (CIS) is a 5-decade, family-owned Australian company providing repair, maintenance, and calibration services for scientific equipment and specialized measuring instruments. 

In 2013, CIS established Autoclave Australia Pty Ltd, dedicated to the growing sterilization business. 

We spoke to them on the occasion of their 60th accreditation anniversary. 

Q:  How did you come to be accredited with NATA and in what area(s)?  

A: We became accredited as a need to fill a growing market requirement for traceability and a higher level of reporting in the gold and research space in Australia at the time.   

  Q: Have you kept the same accreditation or extended into other areas?  

 A: We have kept our original accreditation on balances and extended this to many other areas to meet the growing demands of industry. 

Q:  Has NATA accreditation contributed to you, your clients and industry success?  

A: It has helped assure clients that the level of reporting is dependable and that the level of accuracy of test is usable in their own everyday needs.  

Q: What advice would you offer to someone seeking accreditation?  

A: Remember NATA is there for its members and all improvements and audits are sought for the betterment of the testing provided and the standard achieved across all industries.  

  We thank C.I. Scientific for their time and insights.