Dr Bevan Hokin – NATA Technical Assessor set to retire

Industry News December 2, 2021
NATA team

Dr Bevan Hokin has worked tirelessly as a NATA Technical Assessor (TA) in the realms of ISO 15189 medical accreditation since 1986

As the time of his appointment, he was the Director of Pathology at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital (the San) in Sydney’s Wahroonga.

A central figure in the accreditation of the hospital – The San is Australia’s oldest accredited facility to ISO 15189.

During his 30+ years of tenure as a TA, Bevan has conducted over 100 assessments.

Bevan commented “The greatest value I have seen as part of the NATA assessment is the ‘Peer Review’ and ‘upward spiral’ process that sees the quality of work and standard of operations increase dramatically.”

Bevan also noted the key to a successful assessment is to follow the relevant Standard to the letter.

“The relevant Standard covers all that is required. By trying to apply ‘Best Practice’ or an individual take on the process, it dilutes the inherent value of the Standard.”

In closing:

“It has been a pleasure being associated with NATA as an Assessor, Member of Council and in other roles. I have made many friends and have valued the opportunity to work with many of your excellent Technical/Lead Assessors. I am a strong believer in and supporter of NATA and wish it and you my very best wishes.”

NATA thanks Bevan for his remarkable inputs as a TA and wishes him health, happiness and success in his future endeavours.