High voltage accreditation 

Member News January 16, 2024
NATA team

While many know who the National Measurement Institute (NMI) is, many don’t know they offer the most accurate power system measurement services in Australia.  

This includes the calibration and testing of high voltage and high current instruments and standards – such as high voltage resistive dividers, compressed-gas capacitors, ferro-magnetic voltage transformers, as well as high-voltage and high-current sensors. They also perform a range of high-voltage tests for electricity supply companies and high-voltage equipment manufacturers and suppliers. 

In addition, they maintain Australia’s high voltage and high current standards, conduct research on emerging measurement technologies, provide comparisons with international counterparts; and engage in standardisation organisations. 

High voltage laboratory 

NMI’s high voltage laboratory is a remarkable 45 metres long, 20 metres wide and 19 metres high. It is the only laboratory in Australia that can test equipment with rated voltages of 220kV, 330kV and up to 600kV. Currently, there is an 800kV AC source being commissioned.

In addition, DC voltage tests to 1MV and impulse voltage tests to 2.8MV are conducted. 

Most of NMI’s calibration and testing services are NATA accredited and they can test to client specifications and to relevant documentary standards from: 

To learn more about NMI and their high voltage laboratory and services visit here