Hitchhiker’s Guide to Laboratory Quality 

Industry News June 3, 2022
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Laboratory Quality 
NATA team

NATA’s Sector Manager for Life Sciences, Neil Shepherd, was recently the keynote speaker at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) conference – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Laboratory Quality. 

The conference was designed to serve the needs of laboratory personnel and end-users of analytical data. It sought to address many commonly encountered quality assurance issues at a grass-roots level covering such topics as calibration, measurement uncertainty, method validation, quality control, reference materials, traceability, reporting, auditing, and total quality management.   

The presenters were drawn from NATA, the National Measurement Institute (NMI), academia, government, regulatory bodies and industry.   

There was also a session dedicated to the role of laboratory automation and parameters required to maintain high quality. 

Neil’s presentation provided key insights into: 

  • NATA’s history and future direction 
  • NATA’s 75-year anniversary 
  • Increasing NATA’s brand visibility 
  • Value of accreditation 
  • The accreditation process 
  • Technical Assessors 
  • Stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement 
  • The importance of quality management 

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