NATA and AWTA celebrating 50-years of continuous accreditation

Member News April 5, 2022
NATA and AWTA celebrating 50-years of continuous accreditation
NATA team


Q:  How did you come to be accredited with NATA and in what areas?

A:  We first achieved NATA accreditation in 1972 for mechanical and chemical testing. We wanted to give our clients assurance that our test methods and procedures are carried out to the highest standard, ultimately delivering confidence in their test results and services provided by AWTA Product Testing.  

Q: Have you kept the same accreditation or extended into other areas?

A:  We still hold the original accreditations for mechanical and chemical testing that we achieved 1972. We added accreditation for heat and temperature measurement in 1978 with testing in these three area primarily focused on textile products. These material types were expanded over time to include building, transport, and other material types.   
In recent years accreditation was achieved for the retroreflective testing of tapes and street signs as well as thermal conductivity testing of fabrics and building insulation. 

Q:  How has NATA accreditation contributed to your, your clients and industry success? 

A:  NATA accreditation and endorsed test reports are required by our clients in several areas including when supplying into various tenders, testing against the ‘deemed to satisfy’ requirements of the National Construction Code, and simply as an assurance of quality of test data.  
Holding NATA accreditation allows us to provide testing services in these areas and by having this as a minimum requirement improves the quality of information that is provided to these industries as a whole. 

Q: What advice would you offer to someone seeking accreditation?

A:  NATA accreditation gives your clients an assurance of the quality of your results. It can be a major point of difference when choosing a testing facility, a competitive advantage, and can open doors to new testing areas.