What is NATA’s Member Advisory Forum (MAF)?

Member News March 11, 2024
NATA team

The Member Advisory Forum is a platform for NATA to engage with a group of key representative members and other relevant stakeholders who represent the interests of the broader Member community.  

MAF is a strategic group that meets regularly and shares insight, guidance, and advice on business drivers, trends, and priorities relevant to NATA Members in relation to accreditation and other NATA services. It also provides an opportunity to receive feedback on NATA’s current and future activities and initiatives to shape the delivery of NATA services better and add value to members. 

MAF meetings are attended by NATA’s Executive and a Board representative, and the discussions revolve around mutually beneficial, high-level business and industry developments. There is a commitment to ongoing strategic level dialogue and guidance on best practices. 

MAF membership is based on NATA activities covering geographic, industry, public and private organisations. 

You can learn more about MAF here