NATA-MSA Conference

Media Releases July 29, 2020
NATA-MSA Conference
NATA team

NATA was the Principal Sponsor at the very successful NATA-MSA Conference held on 3 – 5 March 2020.

This is the first time that the MSA has offered Platinum Sponsorship with naming rights included and NATA was delighted to take up this option to support the Conference.

NATA Chair, Dr Geoff Hogg, described the relationship between NATA and MSA in his welcome address:

The MSA and NATA have a long institutional history and deep personal relationship between their people that predated the inauguration of the MSA in February 1994.

For example, the key note speaker for this conference Dr Barry Inglis was a foundation member of the MSA. Of course, Barry is my former colleague on the NATA Board. Barry has been associated with NATA and accreditation for nearly 40 years, with 19 years on the Executive/Board, and as Chair of the Board for eight years before he stepped down in 2011.

Tony Bergin, the chair of the conference organiser is the current Chair of NATA’s Accreditation Advisory Committee for Calibration.

According to the MSA’s archive, two of the 12 MSA Committee of Management at the inception of MSA in 1994 were NATA staff, one of whom is still working in NATA’s Camberwell office.’

Dr Hogg went on to describe the roles of NATA and the MSA and their mutual goals in providing objective and accurate information:

‘As the preeminent institutions for measurement and quality assurance, the MSA and NATA have always collaborated to advance the technical infrastructure as a public good to safeguard the physical environment of the community, improve quality and productivity and facilitate trade and advance the national interest of Australia.

Apart from the deep science and expert knowledge, MSA and NATA also make their contributions to the well-being of the nation and the economy in practical way.’

As well as enjoying the excellent programs prepared for them, attendees took full advantage of the valuable networking opportunity the Conference provided.

NATA Chair – Dr. Geoff Hogg