NATA Sleep Disorders Service (SDS) – celebrating 10-years of accreditation services

Industry News April 8, 2022
NATA Sleep Disorders Service (SDS) – celebrating 10-years of accreditation services
NATA team

In July 2012, NATA proudly assessed the Royal Adelaide Hospital Sleep lab with accreditation being awarded in January 2013 – so beginning an essential accreditation service for NATA, the sleep health industry and, most importantly, the Australian community  

Providers of sleep studies who have achieved NATA’s sleep accreditation have demonstrated a commitment to the highest level of patient care for people with sleep disorders. To meet these levels of care, NATA has adopted the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) standard for SDS as the criteria for accreditation 

The ASA standard is based on the well-known framework of ISO 15189, which has been interpreted for sleep services and is open to all types of sleep services and covers administrative support, clinical management services, diagnostic studies and treatment studies. 

The ASA is responsible for maintaining the Standard while NATA is responsible for the accreditation program. 

NATA’s SDS accreditation allows sleep service providers to demonstrate technical competence in all study types offered as well as quality measures that mitigate risk and promote on-going improvement. 

With 56 accredited organisations representing 93 separate sites, NATA uses a peer assessment process – utilising volunteer physicians and scientists – to ensure the highest quality is achieved for every successful provider.   

Learn more about NATA’s Sleep Accreditation Services on our website.