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Member News June 3, 2022
NATA team
Name Accreditation date Standard Activity 
Lakeview Private Hospital 2/05/2022 DIAS Diagnostic Imaging 
Mine Safety Laboratory 4/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration 
Dr Sarah Choi 4/05/2022 DIAS Diagnostic Imaging 
QUFW Ipswich 5/05/2022 DIAS Diagnostic Imaging 
Presio Pty Ltd 12/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Infrastructure and Asset Integrity 
SWA Inspection Services Pty Ltd 13/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Infrastructure and Asset Integrity 
Microba Pty Ltd 16/05/2022 ISO 15189 Human Pathology 
CSBP Limited 17/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Environment 
Adelaide MRI Parafield 19/05/2022 DIAS Diagnostic Imaging 
OHMS Hygiene 23/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Environment 
IVF Australia 25/05/2022 DIAS Diagnostic Imaging 
Gamma Gurus Pty Ltd 26/05/2022 ISO/IEC 17025 Manufactured Goods