Partnering in Australia’s infrastructure development

Industry News April 17, 2023
NATA team

Coregas, a key organisation in Australia’s gas industry and a NATA accredited member, recently noted NATA’s commitment to helping ensure their accreditation services support them in a competitive global economy.

I just wanted to write a thank-you note to NATA for their support. We were reflecting recently on the strength of our Specialty Gas offer and our growth in Australia & overseas. 

One of the points that came up was NATA’s positive engagement and support in our ISO accreditations, specifically ISO17034 and ISO17025. 

In Australia we are not short of regulation, regulators or auditors, but in this case it has enabled us to profitably grow. 

I therefore wanted to recognise that the NATA team has been a help to our business over an extended period – so many thanks from Coregas.