Who is the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JASANZ)? 

Industry News April 8, 2024
Who is the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JASANZ)? 
NATA team

The JASANZ mission is to deliver an innovative and agile accreditation system that enhances national, trans-Tasman, and international trade, and achieves international recognition of Australian and New Zealand goods and services.  

JASANZ was established by a bilateral treaty between the Australian and New Zealand government in 1991. We are an independent, third-party accreditation body helping businesses, products and people work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefits. 

JASANZ accredit the bodies that certify or inspect organisations’ management systems, products, services, or people. We specify the assessment criteria that certifiers and inspectors must meet to become accredited within our sectors.  

JASANZ delivers a recognised system of conformity assessment that embraces both essential compliance and business improvement across 5 key sectors:  

  • Business and innovation, 
  • Food and biologicals, 
  • Health and human services, 
  • Product certification, and 
  • Sustainability and environment. 

JASANZ symbol is a mark of trust, competence, and reliability. It means that a certifier or inspector can be trusted to assess whether organisations’ management systems, products, services, and people conform to standards. 

In addition to accreditation services, JASANZ offers internationally recognised Scheme Endorsement, a process for ensuring that an established scheme is fit for accredited conformity assessment. JASANZ scheme endorsement requires a detailed, considered appraisal of the scheme rationale, including the suitability of its requirements for achieving its desired objectives.  

A JASANZ scheme endorsement delivers assurance that the scheme was developed and is maintained to provide confidence in conformity assessment results. It is a mark of credibility and an assurance of quality that sends positive signals to the marketplace and consumers. 

JASANZ also offers training services to conformity assessment professionals through the JASANZ Academy. The JASANZ Academy equips conformity assessment professionals with the latest knowledge, skills and understanding to intelligently and consistently interpret and apply standards for optimal outcomes. We believe that by improving industry knowledge, we can raise standards for the benefit of businesses, their customers and as a result, the economy.  

To learn more about JASANZ, visit www.jasanz.org