Why Accreditation Matters – A major NATA event

Events April 26, 2022
Why Accreditation Matters – A major NATA event
NATA team

NATA is hosting an enlightening, inspiring and thought-provoking event titled Why Accreditation Matters on Wednesday, June 8. Those that attend will enter the world of accreditation and discover why it is the invisible thread delivering confidence and assurance to Australians in their daily lives.  

Have you ever wondered why we can trust the quality of products and services such as:   

  • The clean water coming out of your taps  
  • The results of your blood test  
  • That you are getting a litre of fuel when you fill up 
  • The quality of our cheese, wine and other foods we love  
  • That your toilet flushes with the appropriate force  
  • The materials used in roads and building construction are fit for purpose  
  • The food we eat is free of pesticides and harmful bacteria  

Accreditation ensures confidence in these and much, much more.  

As well as celebrating NATA’s role and pioneering story as a global leading accreditation body that has ‘tested the testers’ for the past 75-years, Why Accreditation Matters will also present some inspiring stories of how accreditation has, and continues to, matter in Australian life.   

Register for our event  

Why Accreditation Matters will be a LIVE and FREE webinar and in-person Sydney event and is part of our 75th anniversary celebrations and marks World Accreditation Day on June 9.      

Register to watch the live stream or to be part of our Sydney audience at Event Cinemas, 505 George Street Sydney.  

Event sessions include:

“NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES” – NATA CEO, Jennifer Evans on why NATA is “Australia’s best kept secret.”  

“HOW TESTING IS ELIMINATING CERVICAL CANCER”– Australia is on track to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer through an accredited test. Hear from our finest scientific minds that are making it happen. 

“BANKING ON ACCREDITATION” – How NAB, one of Australia’s leading banks, uses digital forensic accreditation to help keep customers and colleagues safe.

And more..

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