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Abbott Pathology Laboratory – Healius Pathology Pty Ltd

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Date of Accreditation

26 Aug 2003


Level 1, 46 Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Mile End, SA 5031


Ms Nadine Shiells P: +61 (03) 92440336


Services available to external clients


B (Branch)

Scope of Accreditation

ISO 15189 (2012)

Human Pathology

Medicare expiry date

05 Dec 2022

Last Activity Date

10 Nov 2020

Service Product Determinant
Chemical pathology - Detection and/or quantitation of drugs for therapeutic monitoring Plasma; Serum Carbamazepine; Digoxin; Lithium; Phenytoin (dilantin); Valproate (valproic acid, epilim)
Chemical pathology - Detection and/or quantitation of tumour markers Plasma; Serum Prostate specific antigen (PSA); Prostate specific antigen (PSA) - Free
Chemical pathology - Determination of hormones and hormone binding proteins (other than thyroid function tests) Plasma; Serum Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH); Luteinising hormone (LH); Oestradiol; Progesterone
Chemical pathology - Diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus Blood Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c)
Chemical pathology - Further investigation of cardiac function Plasma; Serum Troponin
Chemical pathology - Investigation and determination of hepatic, cardiac, bone, skeletal muscle and other profiles and metabolic studies Plasma; Serum Acetylcholinesterase (RCAC); Alanine aminotransferase; Alkaline phosphatase; Amylase; Aspartate aminotransferase; Bicarbonate; Bilirubin - Any fractions; Bilirubin - Total; C-reactive protein (CRP); Chloride; Cholesterol - Total; Creatine kinase; Creatinine; Glucose; HDL - Quantitation; Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH); Lipase; Magnesium; Potassium; Protein - Total; Sodium; Triglycerides; Urate; Urea; γ-Glutamyltransferase
Urine 45 Calcium absorption; Chloride; Creatinine; Microalbumin; Potassium; Protein - Total; Sodium
Chemical pathology - Investigation of Helicobacter pylori colonisation or eradication Breath C14
Chemical pathology - Iron studies Plasma; Serum Ferritin; Iron; Transferrin
Chemical pathology - Tests for thyroid function Plasma; Serum Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH); Thyroxine (T4) - Free; Triiodothyronine (T3) - Free
Haematology - Examination of blood films by special staining Blood Malaria
Haematology - Full blood examination Blood Differential number; Morphology
Differential number; Erythrocyte count (red blood cell count, RBCC); Haematocrit (packed cell volume, PCV); Haemoglobin (Hb); Leucocyte count (white blood cell count, WBCC); Platelet count; Red blood cell index or indices; Reticulocytes
Haematology - Haemostasis related analysis (including special coagulation testing and platelet function tests) Plasma ADAMTS-13 activity; Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT); D-dimer; Fibrinogen; International normalised ratio (INR); Thrombin time (TT)
Haematology - Limited blood examination Blood Erythrocyte (RBC) sedimentation rate (ESR)
Immunohaematology - Blood group antibody detection Blood; Plasma Other blood group systems; Rh phenotypes
Immunohaematology - Blood grouping Blood ABO; RhD
Immunohaematology - Determination of compatibility of blood donor units Blood Direct antiglobulin test (DAT, direct Coombs test); Examination for blood group antibodies; Group checks of patient and donor; Identification of detected antibodies
Immunohaematology - Identification and quantitation of blood group antibodies Blood; Plasma Other blood group antibodies; Rh
Immunohaematology - Issue and release of blood and blood product for transfusion Blood Issue and release of blood and blood products for transfusion
Immunohaematology - Storage and distribution of blood and blood components Blood Issue and release of blood and blood products for transfusion
Infertility and pregnancy tests including assisted reproductive technology - Diagnosis of pregnancy Plasma; Serum Detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
Infertility and pregnancy tests including assisted reproductive technology - Semen analysis (other than post vasectomy) Semen Motility; Sperm number
Infertility and pregnancy tests including assisted reproductive technology - Semen analysis for post vasectomy and/or examination of cervical mucus Semen Presence of spermatozoa
Microbiology - Bacteriology - Detection of pathogenic bacteria Biopsy specimens; Blood; Genital swabs; Respiratory specimens; Synovial fluid; Urine; Wound swabs Bacteria; Pathogenic identification and antibiotic susceptibility
Bacteria; Casts; Crystals; Epithelial cells; Erythrocytes (red blood cells, RBC); Leucocytes (white blood cells, WBC)
Bacteria; Pathogenic microorganisms
Biopsy specimens; Blood; Genital swabs; Respiratory specimens; Urine; Wound swabs Antibiotic susceptibility; Bacteria; Pathogenic microorganisms
Bacteria; Pathogenic identification
Blood Bacteria; Pathogenic microorganisms
Urine Bacteria; Bilirubin; Blood; Casts; Erythrocytes (red blood cells, RBC); Glucose; Leucocytes (white blood cells, WBC); Nitrite; Proteins; Urobilinogen; pH
Microbiology - Molecular biology - Detection, characterisation and/or quantitation of microbial nucleic acids (protozoan parasites) Blood Malaria
Microbiology - Mycology - Detection, isolation and identification of yeasts and fungal elements Genital swabs; Urine Yeasts identification
Microbiology - Parasitology - Detection of ova, cysts and parasites Blood Malaria
Microbiology - Serology of infection - Microbial antibody and/or antigen detection and/or quantitation Plasma; Serum Hepatitis B virus core antibody (anti-HBc) - Total; Hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBs Ag) - Confirmatory
Infectious mononucleosis
Hepatitis B virus surface antibody (anti-HBs); Hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBs Ag); Hepatitis C virus (HCV); Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

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