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ACIRL Brisbane Coal Testing Laboratory

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Date of Accreditation

27 Oct 1970


478 Freeman Road
Richlands, QLD 4077


Mr A White P: +61 (07) 37138417


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Scope of Accreditation

ACIRL Brisbane Coal Testing Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Coal seam gas Measureable gas content Volumetric AS 3980
Remaining gas content Volumetric AS 3980
Lost gas content Calculation AS 3980
Analysis of coals, coke, charcoal and related products Coal Abrasion index Gravimetric

AS 1038.19

Crucible swelling number; Free swelling index Visual examination

AS 1038.12.1 (2002)

ISO 501

Froth flotation - Jameson cell Gravimetric In-house CBM-P017d

Total magnetic content Gravimetric AS4156.3 Part 7 only
Caking index Roga index

ISO 335 (1974)

Relative density (specific gravity) Helium pycnometer In-house method CBM-L032
Froth flotation - Ultimate Gravimetric in-house method
Spontaneous combustion Not applicable

in-house method CBM P025

Caking index Gravimetric

ISO 15585

BSISO 15585
GB/T 5447
Caking power Gray King coke test

AS 1038.12.2

BS 1016.107.2

ISO 502

Plasticity Gieseler plastometer

AS 1038.12.4.1(1996)

ASTM D2639

ISO 10329

Relative ignition temperature Gravimetric

in-house method CBM P026

Maceral analysis; Reflectance; Sample preparation of coals and coke Microscopic examination

AS 2856.1 

AS 2856.2 

AS 2856.3 

ISO 7404.2 

ISO 7404.3  
ISO 7404.5

Moisture holding capacity Gravimetric

AS 1038.17

Size analysis Sieve analysis

AS 3881 (2002)

ASTM D4749

BS 1016.109

ISO 1953

Moisture - Total Gravimetric

AS 1038.1 (2001)

ASTM D3302

BS 1016.1

ISO 589

Plasticity Sapozhnikov test GB/T 479 (Chinese)
GOST 1186-87 (Russian)
in-house method CBM-P024
Dilatation Dilatometer

AS 1038.12.3 (2002)

ISO 23873

Float and sink analysis Gravimetric

AS 4156.1

ISO 7936

Dilatation Audibert-Arnu dilatometer

ISO 349

Hardgrove grindability index Sieve analysis

AS 1038.20


BS 1016.112

ISO 5074

Coal; Coke Ash Gravimetric

AS 1038.3 (2000)

ASTM D3174

ISO 1171

Volatile matter Gravimetric

AS 1038.3 (2000)

ISO 562

Sulfur - Total Infrared (IR)

AS 1038.6.3.3

ASTM D4239 Method A

ISO 19579

Chlorine Eschka method AS 1038.8.1
BS 1016.106.6.1
ISO 587
Relative density (specific gravity) Density bottle

AS 1038.21.1.1

Ash fusibility Visual examination

AS 1038.15 (1995)

ASTM D1857

ISO 540

Gross calorific value Bomb calorimeter

AS 1038.5 (1998)

ASTM D5865

ISO 1928

Moisture Gravimetric

AS 1038 3 (2000) 

ASTM D3173

ISO 11722

Ultimate analysis Infrared (IR); Thermogravimetric analyser

AS 1038.6.4

ASTM D 5373

ISO 29541

Carbonate carbon Gravimetric

AS 1038.23

BS 1016.7

ISO 925
Proximate analysis Gravimetric

AS 1038.16

Sulfur forms Calculation; Gravimetric; UV-vis spectrophotometry AS 1038.11
Fixed carbon Gravimetric

AS 1038.3 (2000)

ISO 17246

Coke Proximate analysis Gravimetric

AS 1038.4

Moisture - Total Gravimetric

AS 1038.2

Fly ash Moisture Gravimetric

AS 3583.2 

Loss on ignition Gravimetric

AS 3583.3

Sample collection Coals, coke, charcoal and related products Precision of sampling, sample preparation and testing Automated

AS 4264.1 (2009)

ASTM D2013

ASTM D2234

ISO 13909.1

ISO 13909.2

ISO 13909.3

ISO 13909.4

BS ISO 13909.1

BS ISO 13909.2

BS ISO 13909.3

BS ISO 13909.4

Precision of sampling, sample preparation and testing Automated

AS 4264.4 (2009)

ISO 13909.7

ISO 13909.8

BS ISO 13909.7

BS ISO 13909.8

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