Ampcontrol CSM Pty Limited


Ampcontrol CSM Pty Limited

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Date of Accreditation

26 Mar 2010


7 Billbrooke Close
Cameron Park , NSW 2285


Mr Paul Harris P: +61 0439887185


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Scope of Accreditation

Ampcontrol CSM Pty Limited

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


  • The uncertainty of measurement is reported as an expanded uncertainty having a level of confidence of 95% unless stated otherwise
Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Chemical metrology - Gas analysers Gas analysers; Mine safety and confined space equipment Concentration Direct measurement by certified reference material

in-house method WI-981


With Calibration and Measurement Capability of-
Carbon dioxide CO₂ (IR/NDIR): 3.4 % of reading in the range 0.0005 to 5 % v/v
Carbon monoxide CO (Electrochemical): 1.9 % of reading in the range 1 to 100 part per 10⁶ (ppm)
Carbon monoxide CO (IR/NDIR): 3.4 % of reading in the range 1 to 100 part per 10⁶ (ppm)
Hydrogen sulfide H₂S (Electrochemical): 5.2 % of reading in the range 0.5 to 50 part per 10⁶ (ppm)
Methane CH₄ (Catalytic combustion): 2.4 % of reading in the range 0.025 to 5 % v/v 
Methane CH₄  (IR/NDIR): 3.5 % of reading in the range 0.025 to 5 % v/v
Oxygen O₂ (Electrochemical): 1.4 % of reading in the range 0.21 to 25 % v/v
Nitrogen dioxide NO₂ (Electrochemical): 5.4 % of reading in the range 0.1 to 10 part per 10⁶ (ppm)
Nitric oxide NO (Electrochemical): 5.1 % of reading  in the range 0 0.5 to 50 part per 10⁶ (ppm)

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