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Australian Consumers’ Association – Test Research

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Date of Accreditation

16 Dec 1982


57 Carrington Road
Marrickville, NSW 2204


Mr Chris Barnes P: +61 (02) 95773304


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Australian Consumers’ Association – Test Research

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of electrical appliances and devices - Energy efficiency classification Clothes dryers; Dishwashers; Refrigerators; Televisions; Washing machines Energy labelling and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) evaluation Calculations for energy labelling; Evaluation of test results against stated performance criteria; Visual assessment of marking and other attributes against stated criteria

AS/NZS 2007.2;2005

AS/NZS 2040.2;2005

AS/NZS 2442.2;2000

AS/NZS 4474.2 : 2009;

AS/NZS 4474
AS/NZS 62087.2.2 (Sections 1-5) for high definition TV (excluding active standby)
Evaluation of electrical appliances and devices - Performance Clothes dryers; Dishwashers; Refrigerators; Washing machines Air temperature; Boiling time and efficiency; Cabinet and chamber volumes; Colour; Condensate disposal; Current; Cycle times; Distribution temperature; Drying effectiveness; Electrical energy consumption; Electrical voltage; Evaporation efficiency; Food preparation and cooking ability; Ice making capability; Liquid temperature; Load capacity; Microwave energy distribution; Power; Pull down time; Rinsing effectiveness; Standby power; Standby time; Surface temperature; Temperature control; Temperature limits in dryers; Vibration; Washing or soil removal; Water consumption; Water extraction effectiveness; Water pressure range; Whiteness retention Chat and Grey scale comparison

AS/NZS 2007.1;2005

AS/NZS 2040.1;2005

AS/NZS 2442.1;1996

AS/NZS 4474.1-2007;

ACA Test method M162-1;

AS/NZS IEC 62552-1;
AS/NZS IEC 62552-2;
AS/NZS IEC 62552-3

Televisions Electrical energy consumption Not applicable

AS/NZS 62087.1

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