Ballistic and Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd


Ballistic and Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd

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Date of Accreditation

03 Sep 1997


100 Turner Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207


Mr Ben Eu P: +61 396464211


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Scope of Accreditation

Ballistic and Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Performance evaluation of personnel protection equipment and general ballistic measurements Ammunition Protocol for ammunition testing - Accuracy; Protocol for ammunition testing - Mean rounds between stoppage (MRBS); Protocol for ammunition testing - Penetration; Protocol for ammunition testing - Terminal performance Not applicable FBI Protocol for Ammunition Testing;
Victoria Police Protocol for Ammunition Testing
Armour plate Ballistic performance; Occupant protection levels for logistic and light armoured vehicles Perforation and back face signature (P-BFS); V-50 ballistic limit

MIL-A-12560H(MR), MIL-DTL-12560J(MR) and MIL-DTL-12560K(MR);
MIL-A-46100D(MR), MIL-DTL-46100E and MIL-DTL-32332;

NATO STANAG 4569-2004 Annex A and Annex C (NATO Standardization Agreement 4569, Published in March 2004);

NATO STANAG 4569 Allied Engineering (AEP)-55 Volume 1, Edition 2;
VPAM APR 2006, Edition 2009-05-14

Armoured glass; Windows, windscreens and other safety glazing products Ballistic performance; Fracture and adhesion; Fragmentation; High temperature (boil); Impact; Large object impact Not applicable

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49, Part 223;
AS/NZS 2080:2006 Sections: 4.2, 5.2.2, 5.2.3 and 5.2.4

Ballistic helmets Ballistic performance Not applicable

NIJ STD 0106.01;


Body armour Ballistic performance; Knife resistance; Spike resistance; Stab resistance Perforation and back face signature (P-BFS); V-50 ballistic limit

HOSDB Body Armour Standards for UK Police (2007) Part 2;

HOSDB Body Armour Standards for UK Police (2007) Part 3; 

NIJ STD 0101.03, NIJ STD 0101.04; NIJ STD 0101.06(July 2008), NIJ STD 0108.01, NIJ STD 0115.00;

STANAG 2920;

VPAM APR 2006, Edition 2009-05-14;
DEF(AUST)10946 / Issue 1.0 / Type S, dated 03 APR 2012; ADF Personal Armour Test Standard, Part 1: Body Armour

VPAM BSW 2006 Stand: 14.05.2009
Effect of environmental exposure on body armour Immersion; Temperature DEF STAN 00-35 (Test CL 29) Test Procedure A;
MIL-STD-810G Method 501.5 (High Temperature);
MIL-STD-810G Method 502.5 (Low Temperature);
VPAM APR 2006, Edition 2009-05-14
Bullet resistant equipment; Bullet resistant panels and building elements Ballistic performance; Intruder resistance Not applicable

AS/NZS 2343:1997;

AS 3555.1;

VPAM APR 2006, Edition 2009-05-14

Windows, doors, shutters and blinds Ballistic performance; Classification of resistance against bullet attack Not applicable

BS EN 1063;

DIN EN 1522, DIN EN 1523

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