Boral Cement Limited


Berrima Works Laboratory

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

18 Jun 1965


Taylor Avenue
New Berrima, NSW 2577



Services not available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Berrima Works Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Aggregate properties Aggregates Particle size distribution Sieve analysis

AS 1141.11.1

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of cements and cementitious materials - Composition Cement products Moisture - Free Gravimetric

AS 3583.2

Pozzolanic materials Moisture - Free Gravimetric

AS 4489.8.1

Analysis of cements and cementitious materials - Properties Cement products Length change Length change with exposure to sulfate solution

AS 2350.14

Drying shrinkage Not applicable

AS 2350.13

Soundness Not applicable

AS/NZS 2350.5

Early stiffening Not applicable


Fineness; Fineness index Not applicable

AS/NZS 2350.8

Sample preparation of portland and blended cement Not applicable

AS 2350.12

Consistency Normal consistency

AS/NZS 2350.3

Setting time Not applicable

AS/NZS 2350.4

Fineness Not applicable AS 3583.1
Autoclave expansion Not applicable


Temperature rise Langavant in-house method Boral Cement TM10.1.06
Compressive strength Not applicable

AS/NZS 2350.11

Pozzolanic materials Slaking properties Not applicable

AS 4489.3.1

Sample preparation of pozzolanic materials Not applicable

AS 4489.1.1

Particle size Wet sieving

AS 4489.2.1

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