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BGC Quarry Laboratories

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Date of Accreditation

13 Aug 2018


1881 Great Southern Highway
The Lakes, WA 6556


Mr Rohan Silva P: +61 0490123688


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

BGC Quarry Laboratories

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Aggregate contaminants Aggregates Weak particles contaminants Sieve analysis AS 1141.32
Clay and fine silt Settling AS 1141.33
Light stone contaminants Visual assessment of stone colour MRWA Method WA250.1
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Aggregate properties Aggregates Shape Los Angeles machine value AS 1141.23
MRWA Method WA220.1
Particle density of fine aggregate; Water absorption of fine aggregate Weighing-in-water

AS 1141.5

Shape Average least dimension; Flakiness

AS 1141.15

AS 1141.20.1
AS 1141.20.2
MRWA Method WA215.1

MRWA Method WA216.1

Bulk density Compacted; Uncompacted AS 1141.4
Moisture content Drying oven

MRWA Method WA212.1

Particle density of coarse aggregate; Water absorption of coarse aggregate Weighing-in-water AS 1141.6.1
Particle size distribution Sieve analysis; Sieve analysis of material finer than 75 µm

AS 1141 11.1

AS 1141.12

 MRWA Method WA210.1

Shape Proportional calliper AS 1141.14
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Aggregate strength Aggregates Aggregate crushing value; Wet/dry strength variation Not applicable AS 1141.21,
AS 1141.22
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Soil classification Soils Sieve analysis Not applicable

AS 1289.3.6.1,

MRWA Method WA115.1

Linear shrinkage Not applicable

AS 1289.3.4.1

MRWA Method WA123.1

Plastic limit Not applicable

AS 1289.3.2.1

MRWA Method WA121.1

Plasticity index Casagrande; Cone

AS 1289.3.3.2

MRWA Method WA122.1

AS 1289.3.3.1
Liquid limit Cone four point

AS 1289.3.9.1

MRWA Method WA120.2

Moisture content Drying oven

AS 1289.2.1.1

MRWA Method WA110.1

Liquid limit Casagrande four point; Casagrande one point AS 1289.3.1.1
MRWA Method WA 120.1
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Soil compaction characteristics Soils Dry density/moisture content relationship Modified compactive effort AS 1289.5.2.1
MRWA Method WA133.1
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Soil pre-treatment Soils Soil pre-treatment Not applicable

AS 1289.1.1

MRWA Method WA105.1

Sample collection Aggregates Not applicable Aggregate from a bin; Aggregate from a conveyor belt; Aggregate from a pavement; Aggregate from a stockpile; Aggregate from a truck; Aggregate from a windrow

AS 1141.3.1, MRWA Method WA200.1

Soils Not applicable Site selection - Random stratified sampling; Site selection - Systematic random stratified sampling MRWA Method WA0.1
Not applicable Disturbed sampling from earthwork; Disturbed soil sampling from a face; Disturbed soil sampling from a stockpile; Disturbed soil sampling from a windrow; Disturbed soil sampling in-situ

MRWA Method WA100.1

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