Bamford Rock Testing Services Pty Ltd



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Date of Accreditation

28 Apr 2015


239 Arden Street
North Melbourne, VIC 3051


Dr Jennifer Hibben P: +61 (03) 93292818


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Scope of Accreditation


ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Rock Hardness Rocks Abrasion resistance Abrasion value; Abrasiveness using CERCHAR method; Norwegian abrasion; Soil abrasion; Wear number ASTM D7625;
BRTS in-house method NAV, BRTS in-house method SAT, BRTS in-house method AVS
Hardness Sklerograf BRTS in-house method SKLEROGRAF
Swedish brittleness number Not applicable BRTS in-house method SWEDISH BRITTLENESS
Surface hardness Sievers' miniature drill test BRTS in-house method SIEVERS
Impact strength Not applicable BRTS in-house method IMPACT STRENGTH
Abrasiveness Paddle BRTS in-house method PADDLE ABRASIVENESS
Fracture toughness Chevron notched; Short rod CCNBBD Method 2; ISRM Fracture Toughness
Drillability Penetration rate BRTS in-house method GOODRICH
Abrasiveness Abroy BRTS in-house method LCPC ABROY
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Rock properties Rocks Density; Porosity Callipers

AS 4133.2.1.1

Density; Porosity Buoyancy AS 4133.2.2.1
Point load strength index Not applicable

AS 4133.4.1

Moisture content Drying oven

AS 4133.1.1.1

Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Rock strength and deformation Rocks Indirect tensile strength Brazil ASTM D3967
Deformation Load rate controlled; Strain rate controlled AS 4133.4.3.1, AS 4133.4.3.2
Compressive strength Triaxial ISRM Rock strength in Triaxial; BRTS in-house method TRIAXIAL
Compressive strength Uniaxial load rate controlled; Uniaxial strain rate controlled AS 4133.4.2.1; AS 4133.4.2.2
Direct shear strength Not applicable ASTM D5607

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