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BV Adelaide Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

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Date of Accreditation

01 Jul 2024


33 Cormack Road
Wingfield, SA 5013


Ms Valentina Pavlovic P: +61 (08) 84165247


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Scope of Accreditation

BV Adelaide Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Crude petroleum Water Gravimetric


Heptane (n-heptane) Gravimetric

in-house method IP 143

1-Butylene (1-butene); 1-Propanethiol; 2-Methylbutane (isopentane); 2-Methylpropan-2-ol (tert-butanol, tert-butyl alcohol); Alcohols: C1-C4; Benzene; Butane (n-butane); Diisopropyl ether; Dimethylsulfide; Ethane; Ethanethiol; Ethanol; Ethene (ethylene); Ethylbenzene; Heptane (n-heptane); Hexane (n-hexane); Hydrocarbons: C1-C4; Hydrocarbons: C4-C8; Isobutane; Isopropyl mercaptan; Mercaptan sulfur; Methane; Methanol; Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE); Methylmercaptan; Pentane (n-pentane); Propane; Propene (propylene); Propylmercaptan; Tetraethyllead; Toluene; Xylene; n-Butylmercaptan; tert-Amyl alcohol; tert-Butylmercaptan Gas chromatography (GC)

in-house method P-3100-GC-003

Water; Water sediment Centrifugation


Crude petroleum; Gaseous fuels Benzene; Ethylbenzene; Naphthalene; Naphthalene hydrocarbons; Naphthene; Octanes+; Toluene; Xylene Gas chromatography (GC)

in-house method P-3100-GC-004

Argon; Butane (n-butane); Carbon dioxide (CO2); Carbon monoxide; Ethane; Helium; Heptane (n-heptane); Hexane (n-hexane); Hydrogen; Methane; Nitrogen; Octanes+; Oxygen; Pentanes; Propane Gas chromatography (GC)

in-house method P-3100-GC-001

Crude petroleum; Liquid fuels Particle count; Particulate matter Gravimetric


Aniline point; Mixed aniline point Temperature

ASTM/IP D611/2

Distillation Distillation

ASTM/IP D86/123

Viscosity - Dynamic; Viscosity - Kinematic Calculation; Capillary viscometer

ASTM/IP D445/71

Carbon residue Gravimetric

ASTM/IP D189/13

Acid number; Base number Colourimetry; Titration

ASTM/IP D974/139

Boiling point distribution of liquid hydrocarbons to C28+ Gas chromatography (GC)

in-house method P-3100-GC-002

Pour point Temperature

ASTM/IP D97/15

Conductivity Direct measurement

ASTM/IP D2624/274

Vapour pressure Temperature

ASTM/IP D323/69

Copper corrosion Copper strip; Visual examination

ASTM/IP D130/154

Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Density meter

ASTM/IP D4052 and D5002

Diesel Water; Water and sediment Gravimetric

ASTM D2709

Gaseous fuels; Natural gas Composition of gaseous fuels Gas chromatography (GC)

ASTM D1945

Liquid fuels Arsenic Mass

ALPGA appendices 1 & 3 and in-house method UO-17

Flash point Pensky-Martens closed cup

ASTM/IP D93/34

Cetane index Calculation


Smoke point Temperature

ASTM/IP D1322/57

Water Gravimetric

ASTM/IP D95/74

Water Karl-Fischer titration

ASTM D6304

Base number Titration

ASTM/IP D2896/276

Water; Water sediment Centrifugation

ASTM D1796

Cloud point Temperature

ASTM D2500

Colour Lovibond tintometer

in-house method IP 17

Trace metals ICP-AES

ASTM D5185

Analysis of lubricants, oils and related products Base oils; Lubricating oils Cadmium ICP-AES ASTM D5185
Brake fluids; Electrical insulating oils and compounds; Greases; Hydraulic fluids; Icing inhibitor fluids (anti-freeze, de-icing fluids); Lubricant additives; Lubricating oils; Mineral oils; Solid lubricants; Transformer and other oils; Waste oils Copper corrosion Visual examination

ASTM/IP D130/154

Viscosity - Dynamic; Viscosity - Kinematic Calculation; Capillary viscometer

ASTM/IP D445/71

Water content Karl-Fischer titration


Aniline point Visual examination

ASTM/IP D611/2

Acid number; Base number Titration

ASTM/IP D974/139

Trace elements ICP-AES


American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity; Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Density meter


Hydraulic fluids; Lubricating oils; Transformer and other oils; Waste oils Contamination - Particulates Count in-house method P-3100-UO-040, ISO 4407

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