Austdac Pty Ltd


Castle Hill AS/NZS 3800 Overhaul Workshop

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

16 Jun 2004


Unit 1, 42 Carrington Road
Castle Hill, NSW 2154


Mr Peter Chan P: +61 0448939809


Type C Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation

Castle Hill AS/NZS 3800 Overhaul Workshop

ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Explosion-protected electrical equipment - Overhaul and maintenance inspection Electrical equipment for use in hazardous atmospheres; Equipment installed within increased safety (Ex e) enclosures; Ex 'i' intrinsic safety; Ex 'm' encapsulated equipment; Increased safety (Ex e) enclosures Overhaul inspection

Covering standards, codes and specifications addressing the service, including AS/NZS 3800 (2020) and MP 87.2.

Limited to Group I, Group II and Group III equipment for use in hazardous atmospheres

ANZEx Certificate of Recognition No. ANZEx SF 10.5901 issue 8

Limited to Ex 'e' enclosures rated up to 500V, including Ex 'de', 'dm', 'dme' components

Limited to equipment for which AUSTDAC is the certificate/approval holder

Limited to intrinsically safe equipment and encapsulated parts

Only equipment for which AUSTDAC is the certificate/approval holder and the following equipment

Trolex Methonometer TX3261, 3263AUSEx 3397X
Trolex Flowmeter TX5921, 5922, 5923AUSEx 00.3708X; ANZEx 12.3003X
Trolex Gas detector TX6373 Mk IAUSEx 00.1521X
Trolex Gas detector TX6373 Mk IIAUSEx 02.3826X; ANZEx 12.3016X
Trolex Methanometer TX6383 Mk IIAUSEx 00.1522X; AUSEx 02.3842X; AUSEx 02.3846X; ANZEx 12.3021X
Trolex Controllers TX9042, 9044ANZEx 06.3057X
Trolex Trip Amplifiers TX91XX seriesAUSEx 00.3693X; ANZEx 11.3004X
(TX9130, TX9133, TX9134, TX9136, TX9137, TX9139)
Trolex Infra Red Gas Sensor TX6363AUSEx 03.3879X; ANZEx 12.3015X
Trolex Methane Sensor STX 3261ANZEx 07.3066X
Trolex Toxic Sensor STX 3241ANZEx 08.3038X
Rosemount (Trolex) Pressure Transmitter 3051S SeriesANZEx 12.3024X; AUSEx 02.3814X
Trolex Xenon Flashing Beacon TX5331, TX5332AUSEx 3405X; ANZEx 08.3050X
Trolex Sentro 8 Sensor Station TX9165IECEx SIR 09.0120X
Trolex Sentro 1 Gas detector TX6351/TX6352IECEx ITA 14.0006X
Trolex Sentro Humidity sensor TX6356IECEx ITA 14.0006X
Trolex Pressure sensor TX6141, TX6143ANZEx 12.3013X; AUSEx 3409X; AUSEx 02.3814X
Trolex vibration sensor TX 563x series (TX 5633, TX5634, TX5635, TX5636, TX5637, TX5638, TX5639)IECEx TSA 09.0035X
Trolex audio/visual alarm TX6831ANZEx 12.3005X; AUSEx 01.3737X
Trolex P5546 interface unitIECEx TSA 05.0046X
Trolex P5557 Pump controllerIECEx TSA 11.0029X
Trolex Ex d / Ex i power supply TX 6641/42ANZEx 14.3001X; AUSEx 03.3885X; AUSEx 04.3886X; ANZEx 14.3006X
Trolex P5541.12 4160V RS485 Communication IsolatorIECEx TSA 05.0029X
Trolex Air XD Particulate Monitor TX8005IECEx ExTC 19.0014X
Trolex Sentro Wireless Gas Detector TX6355IECEx TRA 16.0016X

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