Viva Energy Refining Pty Ltd


Geelong Refinery Laboratory

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

11 Jan 1965


10 Refinery Road
Corio, VIC 3214


Miss Rachel Govan P: +61 0430855516


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Geelong Refinery Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Aviation fuels Freezing point Classical

ASTM D 5972

Water reaction Classical

ASTM/IP D1094/289

Hydrogen Classical

ASTM D3343

Net heat of combustion Classical

ASTM D3338/ D4529

Water separation characteristics Spectrophotometry ASTM D7224
Particulate matter Filtration

ASTM D5452

Aviation fuels; Kerosene; Turbine fuels Smoke point Classical

ASTM D1322

Aviation fuels; Liquid fuels Colour; Water content Visual examination

GR 167

Oxidation stability Potential residue method

ASTM D 873

Calculated carbon aromaticity index (CCAI) Calculation

ISO 8217 Annex F

Sediment - Total Gravimetric

ASTM D4870

Aniline point; Mixed aniline point Temperature


Research octane number (RON) Classical

ASTM D2699

Existent gum content Jet evaporation method

IP 540

Motor octane number (MON) Classical

ASTM D2700

Knock characteristics Classical


Particle count Particle analyser

IP 565

Colour Lovibond tintometer

IP 17; IP 569

Hydrogen sulfide; Mercaptan sulfur; Peroxides; Sulfur Doctor test

IP 30

Flash point Abel closed cup

IP 170 

Kerosene burning characteristics Gravimetric IP 10
Aluminium; Calcium; Phosphorus; Silicon; Sodium; Vanadium; Zinc ICP-AES

IP 501

Hydrogen sulfide Electrochemical cell analyser

IP 570

Aviation fuels; Turbine fuels Acidity Classical

ASTM D3242

Naphthalene hydrocarbons UV-vis spectrophotometry

ASTM D1840

Diesel Water reaction Volumetric

GR 233

Lubricity High-frequency reciprocating rig (HFFR)

IP 450

Cold filter plugging point Temperature

IP 309

Distillate fuels Free water; Particulate matter Classical

ASTM D4176

Cetane index Calculation

ASTM D976/ ASTM D4737

Oxidation stability Classical

ASTM D2274

Distillate fuels; Liquid petroleum (LP) Aromatic hydrocarbons; Naphthalene; Paraffin component Classical

ASTM D5443

Fuel oil; Liquid fuels Cleanliness Classical ASTM D4740
Liquid fuels Viscosity - Kinematic Classical

ASTM/IP D445/71

Gum content Classical

ASTM/IP D381/131

Total acid number Classical

ASTM 664

Conductivity Electrochemical cell analyser

ASTM 2624

Copper corrosion Classical

ASTM/IP D130/154

Phosphorus Classical

ASTM 3231

Ash Classical

ASTM/IP D482/4

Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Classical

ASTM D4052

Mercaptan sulfur Classical

ASTM D3227

Cloud point Classical

ASTM/IP D2500/219; ASTM D5773

Freezing point Temperature

ASTM/IP D2386/16

Lead X-ray fluorescence (XRF) - Energy dispersive

ASTM D5059

Filter blocking tendency Classical

ASTM D2068

Colour Automatic tristimulus

ASTM D 6045

Colour Visual examination

ASTM/IP D1500/196

Flash point Abel closed cup

ASTM/IP D93/34

Carbon residue Micro method

ASTM D4530

Thermal oxidation Classical

ASTM 3241

Water separation characteristics Classical

ASTM D3948

Aromatic/olefin/saturated hydrocarbon type classification Flow injection analyser (FIA)

ASTM D1319

Acid number; Base number Colorimetric titration


Liquid petroleum (LP) Sulfur Classical

ASTM 2622

Water Water distillation


Oxidation stability Time


Pour point Classical

ASTM D97: ISO 3016

Distillation characteristics Volumetric

ASTM/IP D86/123

Vapour pressure Calculation

ASTM D5191

Analysis of bituminous materials - Composition Bituminous materials Water content Water distillation ASTM  D95
Analysis of bituminous materials - Properties Bituminous materials Viscosity Dynamic - Capillary tube AS 2341.3
Penetration of bitumen Not applicable

AS 2341 Part 12

Density Hydrometer AS2341.7
Sample handling and conditioning Not applicable

ASTM D140 and in-house Geelong Refinery Sampling manual RE-LAB-0087-MA

Viscosity Vacuum capillary viscometer

AS/NZS 2341.2

Analysis of solvents SolventsAnalysis of VIVASol 2046 and Mexcut HF75 Electrical conductivity Electrochemical


Aniline point; Mixed aniline point Temperature


Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Density meter


Colour Automatic tristimulus


SolventsAnalysis of VIVASol 2046 and Mexcut HF75 Flash point Abel closed cup


Distillation Volumetric


Sample collection Biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Not applicable Not applicable

ASTM D4057 Manual sampling  and in-house GR Sampling of Refinery Streams and Products

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