Gekko Systems Pty Ltd


Gekko Assay Laboratory

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Date of Accreditation

12 Oct 2015


10 Woolshed Gully Drive
Mount Clear, VIC 3350


Mr Wayne Lodge P: +61 (03) 53272579


Services available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Gekko Assay Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of ores and minerals Geochemical samples for trace elements Arsenic; Cobalt; Copper; Lead; Nickel; Sulfur ICP-AES

in-house method GAL QAM 1150

Geological samples Sample preparation Classical in-house method GAL QAM 1100
Precious metal ores Silver Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)

in-house method GAL QAM 1140

Gold - Leachable Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) - Flame

in-house method GAL QAM 1120

Gold - Total Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) - Fire assay

in-house method GAL QAM 1110

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