Mitra PTS Pty Ltd - Gladstone Laboratory


Gladstone Laboratory

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

27 May 2002


9 Beckinsale Street
Gladstone, QLD 4680


Ms Kathy Surmon P: +61 (07) 49724288


Services available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Gladstone Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of coals, coke, charcoal and related products Coal Proximate analysis Gravimetric

AS1038.3 (2000)

ISO / BS ISO 17246

Ash fusibility Classical

AS 1038.15 (1995)

ASTM D1857 


Carbon; Hydrogen; Nitrogen Classical

AS 1038.6.4 (2005)

ASTM D5373

Hardgrove grindability index Classical

AS 1038.20


ISO 5074

Volatile matter Gravimetric

ISO 562

Sulfur - Total Infrared (IR)

AS 1038.6.3.3

ASTM D4239

ISO 19579 

Moisture Gravimetric

ASTM D3173 

ISO 11722 

Crucible swelling number Classical

AS 1038.12.1 (2002)

BS ISO 501

ISO 501

Ash Gravimetric

ASTM D3174

ISO 1171

Gross calorific value Bomb calorimeter

AS1038.5 (1998)

ASTM D5865

ISO / BS ISO 1928

Relative density (specific gravity) Density bottle; Volumetric

AS 1038 21.1.1 

AS 1038.21.1.2

Size analysis Sieve analysis

AS3881 (2002)

ISO 1953

Moisture - Total Gravimetric

AS 1038.1 (2001)

ASTM D3302

BS 1016.1

ISO 589

Coal; Coke Dilation Classical

ISO 8264 

Float and sink analysis Classical


Plasticity Gieseler plastometer

AS1038.12.4.1 (1996)

ASTM D2639 


Caking power Gray King coke test

AS1038 12.2 

ISO  / BS ISO 502

Fly ash Loss on ignition Classical AS 3583.3 
Moisture Gravimetric

AS 3583.2 

Sample collection Coals, coke, charcoal and related products Not applicable Automated; Grab

AS 4264.1 (2009)

AS 4264.4 (1996)

BS ISO 13909.1
BS ISO 13909.2
BS ISO 13909.3
BS ISO 13909.4
BS ISO 13909.5
BS ISO 13909.6
BS ISO 13909.7
BS ISO 13909.8

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