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LabSmart Services


LabSmart Services

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Date of Accreditation

15 Jan 2014


13 Alstonvale Court
East Bendigo, VIC 3550


Mr Jeff Mulholland P: +61 0439208406


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Scope of Accreditation

LabSmart Services

ISO/IEC 17043 Conformity Assessment - General requirements for proficiency testing (2010)

Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Service Product Determinant
Proficiency testing scheme for analysis of construction materials Aggregates Aggregate strength tests; Bulk density; Particle density and water absorption; Particle shape tests; Particle size distribution
Asphalts Aggregate grading; Asphalt analysis; Bitumen content; Bulk density; Field test; Maximum density; Mechanical properties; Volumetric properties
Concrete; Grout; Mortar Compression test; Drying shrinkage; Mass per unit volume - Hardened concrete
Soils Bearing strength tests - Laboratory; Chemical tests; Classification tests; Compaction tests; Field density tests; Strength and penetration tests - Field; Strength tests - Laboratory

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