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Reference Gas Mixtures

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11 Jan 2008


Bradfield Road
Lindfield West, NSW 2070


Dr Damian Smeulders P: +61 (02) 84673534


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Scope of Accreditation

Reference Gas Mixtures

ISO 17034 (2016)


  • The uncertainty of measurement is reported as an expanded uncertainty having a level of confidence of 95% unless stated otherwise
Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Certified reference gases Reference gases and reference gas mixes Amount fraction; Gas composition Comparison method; Gravimetric ISO 6142-1
ISO 6143


With property value capability of -
0.03% relative uncertainty of measurement for primary reference gases except methane
0.1% relative uncertainty of measurement for certified reference gases except methane
0.003% relative uncertainty of measurement for primary reference gases for methane
0.005% relative uncertainty of measurement for certified reference gases for methane
For the following components:

2,2-Dimethylpropane (neopentane)0.1 μmol/mol to 30 cmol/mol
cis-2-Butene; trans-2-Butene0.1 cmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Argon1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Butane (n-Butane)0.1 μmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Carbon dioxide0.05 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Carbon monoxide0.05 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Dinitrogen monoxide (Nitrous oxide)10 μmol to 0.1 cmol/mol
Ethane0.05 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Ethene (Ethylene)1 μmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Ethyne (Acetylene)1 μmol/mol to 5 cmol/mol
Helium0.1 cmol/mol to 10 cmol/mol
Heptane0.1 μmol/mol to 0.1 cmol/mol
Hexane (n-Hexane)0.1 μmol/mol to 1 cmol/mol
Hydrogen1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Hydrogen sulfide1 μmol/mol to 200 μmol/mol
Isobutane0.1 μmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Isopentane0.1 μmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Methane0.05 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Nitrogen0.1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Nonane (n-Nonane)0.1 μmol/mol to 0.1 cmol/mol
Octane (n-Octane)0.1 μmol/mol to 0.1 cmol/mol
Oxygen0.1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Oxygen in LNG50 μmol/mol to 100 μmol/mol
Pentane (n-Pentane)0.1 μmol/mol to 80 cmol/mol
Propane1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Propene (Proylene)1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Xenon0.01 cmol/mol to 1 cmol/mol

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