RF Assess Pty Ltd


RF Assess Pty Ltd

Accreditation No.


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Date of Accreditation

16 Nov 2021


44 Dover Street
Cremorne, VIC 3121


Mr Ian Lay P: +61 0414594162


Type C Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation

RF Assess Pty Ltd

ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Radio communications systems performance - Evaluation Radio communications equipment Determination of exposure limits Covering standards, codes and specifications addressing the service, including:
ACMA Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic radiation - human exposure) standard
ACMA Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic radiation - human exposure) amendment standard
ACMA Guidelines on the assessment of installations against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure limits, Part 2 - Predictions
ARPANSA Radiation Protection Series S-1 Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields 100 kHz to 300 GHz
ACIF Code for the deployment of mobile phone network infrastructure
AS/NZS 2772.2 Radiofrequency fields - Principles and methods of measurement and computation - 3kHz to 300 GHz
Modelling of electric and magnetic fields  and equivalent power density from antennas and transmitters in the range 110 MHz - 60 GHz.
The scope is limited to situations where there are no interfering objects that may change the power density.

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