Supagas Pty Ltd


Supagas Pty Ltd

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Date of Accreditation

08 Oct 2014


5 Benson Road
Ingleburn , NSW 2565


Mr David Hopley P: +61 (02) 87884444


Services not available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

ISO 17034 (2016)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Certified reference gases Reference gases and reference gas mixes Alkanes: C1-C6; Argon; Carbon dioxide (CO2); Carbon monoxide; Dinitrogen monoxide (nitrous oxide); Helium; Hydrogen; Nitrogen; Oxygen Comparison method; Gravimetric method

ISO 6142-1

ISO 6143

Argon50 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Carbon dioxide2 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Carbon monoxide2 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Helium30 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Hydrocarbons - C1 to Calkanes2 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Hydrogen30 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Nitrogen50 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Nitrous oxide30 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol
Oxygen1 μmol/mol to 1 mol/mol


0.2% relative for concentrations > 1000 μmol/mol

2% relative for  concentrations > 50 μmol/mol to ≤ 1000 μmol/mol

5% relative for concentrations ≤ 50 μmol/mol 

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