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Sydney Laboratory

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Date of Accreditation

21 Jun 1965


12 Exell Street
Banksmeadow, NSW 2019


Mr Dean Ambler P: +61 (02) 93166544


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Sydney Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)


Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Analysis of biofuels, hydrocarbon fuels and related fuel products Aviation fuels; Turbine fuels Cleanliness Particle analyser IP565
Distillate fuels Contaminants Gravimetric EN12662
Aromatic hydrocarbons HPLC IP391
Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME) Infrared (IR) EN14708
Fuel additives Refractive index Refractometry ASTM D1218
Aniline point; Mixed aniline point Visual examination ASTM D611
Acidity Titration ASTM D1613
Clarity; Cleanliness Visual examination ASTM D2090 (1998)
Colour Automatic tristimulus ASTM D5386
Gaseous fuels Residual matter Mass In-house JLPGA-S-03-LPG
Hydrogen sulfide Presence/absence ISO 8819
Copper corrosion Copper strip ISO 6251
Density; Vapour pressure Calculation ISO 8973
Moisture Visual examination EN 589 Part 6.2 (2004)
Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) Aromatic/olefin/saturated hydrocarbon type classification Gas chromatography (GC) ISO 7941
Motor octane number (MON) Calculation EN 589 Annex B (2004)
Residual matter Mass JLPGA-S-03
Liquid fuels Ash - Sulfated Gravimetric ASTM D874
Aromatic hydrocarbons HPLC ASTM D6379
Sulfur - Total volatile UV fluorescence ASTM D6667
Contaminants; Wear metals ICP-AES ASTM D5185
Hydrogen sulfide; Mercaptan sulfur; Peroxides; Sulfur Doctor test


Water Distillation

ASTM/IP D95/74

Oxidation stability Gravimetric ASTM/IP D2274/388
Distillation Distillation


Fuel system icing inhibitors Refractometry ASTM D5006
Cold filter plugging point Visual examination IP309
Freezing point Automatic phase transition method

ASTM D5972

Hydrogen Calculation ASTM D3343
Naphthalene hydrocarbons UV-vis spectrophotometry


Sulfur X-ray fluoresence (XRF) - Wavelength dispersive ASTM D2622
Ash Gravimetric

ASTM/IP D482/4

Pour point Visual examination

ASTM/IP D97/15

Benzene; Toluene Gas chromatography (GC) ASTM D5580
Lubricity High-frequency reciprocating rig (HFFR) IP450
Calcium; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium ICP-AES EN 14538
American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity; Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Density meter

ASTM D4052

Oxygenates Gas chromatography (GC) ASTM D4815
Water separation characteristics Visual examination ASTM D1401
Free water; Particulate matter Visual examination ASTM D4176
Cetane index Calculation

ASTM/IP D4737/380

Gum content Gravimetric IP540

Viscosity - Dynamic; Viscosity - Kinematic Calculation; Capillary viscometer

ASTM/IP D445/71

Filter blocking tendency Pressure IP387
Conductivity Electrometric

ASTM/IP D2624/274

Flash point Pensky-Martens closed cup

ASTM/IP D93/94

Oxidation stability Bomb combustion; Induction period method ASTM D525
Tetraethyllead Titration ASTM D3341
Water separation characteristics Micro-Separometer (MSEP)

ASTM D3948

Water reaction Visual examination


Kerosene burning characteristics Gravimetric IP10
Trace elements ICP-AES ASTM/IP D7111/501
Acid number; Base number Titration

ASTM/IP D974/139

Water Karl-Fischer titration ASTM E1064
Colour Automatic tristimulus

ASTM D6045

Sulfur - Total UV fluorescence

ASTM D5453

Water Karl-Fischer titration ASTM D6304
Aromatic hydrocarbons; Olefins Flow injection analyser (FIA)

ASTM/IP D1319/156

Knock characteristics Motor method


Copper corrosion Copper strip

ASTM/IP D130/154

Acidity Titration

ASTM/IP D3242/354

Particulate matter Filtration

ASTM/IP D5452/423

Carbon residue Gravimetric ASTM D4530
Total acid number Titration ASTM D664
Mercaptan sulfur Potentiometric

ASTM/IP D3227/342

Vapour pressure Expansion method ASTM D4953
Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME) Gas chromatography (GC) IP585
Gum content Extraction; Jet evaporation method

ASTM/IP D381/131

Colour - Saybolt Visual examination ASTM D156
Sulfur X-ray fluorescence (XRF) - Energy dispersive

ASTM D4294

Phosphorus UV-vis spectrophotometry ASTM D3231
Spotting Classical ASTM D4760
Thermal oxidation stability Jet fuel thermal oxidation test (JFTOT)

ASTM/IP D3241/323

Net heat of combustion Calculation

ASTM D3338

Water and sediment Centrifugation ASTM D2709
Colour Colourimetry

ASTM/IP D1500/196

Smoke point Visual examination


Water separation characteristics Micro-Separometer (MSEP) ASTM D7224
Vapour pressure Mini method

ASTM D5191

Research octane number (RON) Test engine

ASTM/IP D2699/236

Flash point Abel closed cup


Oxidation stability Accelerated oxidation method EN14112
Freezing point Visual examination

ASTM D2386

Cloud point Visual examination ASTM D2500
Storage stability Classical ASTM D4625
Gross heat of combustion; Net heat of combustion Calculation ASTM D4868
American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity; Density; Relative density (specific gravity) - Real Hydrometer

ASTM/IP D1298/160

Analysis of bituminous materials - Composition Bituminous materials Toluene insoluble matter Gravimetric

AS/NZS 2341.8

Analysis of bituminous materials - Properties Bituminous materials Penetration of bitumen Penetration apparatus

AS 2341.12

Rolling thin film oven (RTFO) Effect of heat and air on a moving film of bitumen

AS/NZS 2341.10

Ductility Ductilometer

AS 2341.11

Flash point; Flash point of cutback bitumen Not applicable

AS 2341.14

Density; Viscosity Density bottle

AS 2341.7

Viscosity Dynamic - Capillary tube

AS/NZS 2341.2, AS 2341.3

Analysis of coals, coke, charcoal and related products Coal Moisture - Total Gravimetric AS 1038.1 Method B (2001)
Moisture Gravimetric AS 1038.3 section 2 (2000)
Sample preparation of coals and coke Not applicable AS 4264.1 (2009) Section 3 only and AS 4264.4 (2005)
Carbon; Hydrogen; Nitrogen; Ultimate analysis Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (CHN) analyser AS 1038.6.4 (2005)
Sulfur - Total Infrared (IR) AS 1038.6.3.3
Gross calorific value Bomb calorimeter AS 1038.5 b(1998) and ISO1928
Coal; Coke Moisture Gravimetric ISO 11722
Analysis of lubricants, oils and related products Lubricant additives Distillation Distillation ASTM D1078
Analysis of solvents Solvents Distillation Distillation ASTM D1078
Water content Karl-Fischer titration ASTM E1064
Refractive index Refractometry ASTM D1218
Acidity Titration ASTM D1613
Water content Karl-Fischer titration ASTM E203
Distillation Distillation ASTM D86
Density; Relative density (specific gravity) Density meter ASTM D4052
Non-volatile matter Gravimetric ASTM D1353
Aniline point Visual examination ASTM D611
Miscibility in water Visual examination ASTM D1722
SolventsVolatile Water content Karl-Fischer titration ASTM D1364
Odour Classical ASTM D1296

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