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Sydney Red Cell Reference

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Date of Accreditation

22 Sep 2021


17 O'Riordan Street
Alexandria, NSW 2015


Mr Andrew Farrar P: +61 (02) 92342011


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Not Applicable

Scope of Accreditation

Sydney Red Cell Reference

ISO 15189 (2012)

Human Pathology

Service Product Determinant
Immunohaematology - Blood group antibody detection Blood; Plasma; Serum Duffy system; Kell system; M and N factors; Other blood group systems; Rh phenotypes
Immunohaematology - Blood grouping Blood; Plasma; Serum ABO; RhD
Immunohaematology - Determination of compatibility of blood donor units Blood; Plasma; Serum Examination for blood group antibodies; Group checks of patient and donor; Identification of detected antibodies
Immunohaematology - Identification and quantitation of blood group antibodies Blood Direct antiglobulin test (DAT, direct Coombs test)
Blood; Plasma; Serum Red blood cell phenotyping
Antibody absorption; Antibody elution
Other blood group antibodies; Rh
Plasma; Serum Antibody quantitation - Anti-D, anti-c
Antibody titration
Immunohaematology - Investigation of blood transfusion reactions Blood; Blood products Antibodies; Contamination - Microbiological

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