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Technical Centre Laboratory

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

29 May 1984


35 Alfred Road
Chipping Norton, NSW 2170



Mr Matthew Hynes P: +61 1300047539


Services conditionally available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Technical Centre Laboratory

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite products Pipe material and related products Vicat softening temperature Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.5, 

ISO 2507.1, ISO 2507.2, ISO 2507.3 

Compatibility Not applicable

AS/NZS 2642.3

Compatibility of fittings
High temperature resistance Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.11, AS/NZS 1462.16, AS/NZS 2053.2 Appendix BB, AS 4176.8 Annex D 

Dynamic oxidation induction temperature (Dynamic OIT); Isothermal oxidation induction time (Isothermal OIT); Processing temperature of rigid PVC pipe samples; Temperature and enthalpy of melting and fusion; Thermal analysis Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

ISO 11357-3, ISO 11357-6, ISO 18373-1, ISO 18373-2

Dimensions Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.1, AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix B, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix B, 

ASTM D2122, 

ISO 3126

Joint strength Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.8 Annexes B, G, H, I and J, AS/NZS 1462.10, AS/NZS 1462.13, AS/NZS 2053.1 Appendix D, AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix I, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix I, AS 4176.8 Annexes B, G,H, I and J, 

ISO 3459, ISO 3501, ISO 3503, ISO 13783, ISO 13844

Compression; Perforation deformation; Pipe stiffness; Resistance to collapse; Ring flexibility; Ring stiffness Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.2, AS/NZS 1462.22, AS/NZS 1462.23, AS/NZS 2053.1 Appendix A, AS/NZS 2053.1 Appendix C, AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix H, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix H,  

ISO 9969, ISO 13967 

200N to 29.5 kN

Long term failure stress Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.20

Straightening Not applicable

AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix D, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix D

Resistance to leakage when subject to bending Not applicable

AS/NZS 2642.3 Appendix C

Decohesion Not applicable

ISO 13954

Liquid infiltration Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.8, AS/NZS 2642.3 Appendix F

Hydrostatic pressure Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.6, AS/NZS 1462.29, AS 2888.3, AS 2888.4, AS 2888.10, AS/NZS 4129 Appendix E, AS/NZS 4130, 

ASTM F1282 Clauses 9.6 and A2.5.2, 

ISO 1167, ISO 9080, ISO 17456

up to 7000 kPa

Reversion Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.4, 

ISO 2505 

Impact resistance Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.3, AS/NZS 2053.1 Appendix B, AS /NZS 2439.1 Appendices E and F, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendices E and F, AS/NZS 4765 Appendix C, 

ISO 3127, ISO 13957 

Bending properties Not applicable

AS 4176.8 Annex K

Elastomeric seal joint contact width and pressure Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.13

Assembled joints
Leak tightness Not applicable

ISO 13845, ISO 13846 

Resistance to dichloromethane at a specified temperature (DCMT) Not applicable

AS/NZS 4765 appendix B, 

ISO 9852

PVC-U and PVC-M pipes
Thermal durability Not applicable

AS 4176.8 Annex D

Burst strength Not applicable

ASTM F1282 Clause 9.5

C-ring fracture toughness Not applicable AS/NZS 1462.19
Tensile properties Ring test (apparent tensile)

ASTM F1282 Clause 9.4

Crushing decohesion Not applicable

ISO 13955

Light transmission Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.14, 

ISO 7686 

Pull-out strength Not applicable

AS/NZS 2537.1, AS/NZS 2642.3 Appendix D

Assembled joints
Adhesion Not applicable

AS/NZS 1462.21, AS 4176.8 Annex E, 

ASTM F1055 Clause 9.4.3, ASTM F1282 Clause 9.3, 

ISO 13954, ISO 13955, ISO 17454

Ductility Strip bend decohesion

ISO 21751

Resistance of notched pipe to internal pressure Not applicable

 AS/NZS 1462.24, AS/NZS 4765 Appendix E,  

ISO 13479

Visual examination Not applicable

AS/NZS 1260

Pipe material and related products; Prepared test specimens Flow rate ratio (FRR); Melt-mass flow rate (MFR); Melt-volume flow rate (MVR) Not applicable

ASTM D1238, 

ISO 1133.1

Plastic film and sheeting Tensile properties Not applicable

AS 1145.1, AS 1145.2, AS/NZS 1462.20, AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix G, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix G, AS/NZS 4129 Appendix F, 

ISO 6259, ISO 13951, ISO 13953, ISO 19899

200 N to 29.8 kN

Specific gravity Displacement


Bending properties Not applicable

AS/NZS 2053.2 Appendix AA, AS/NZS 2439.1 Appendix C, AS/NZS 2439.2 Appendix C

Plastic waste water valves and fittings Hydrostatic pressure; Leakage; Seal integrity; Seat leakage rate Not applicable

ATS 5200.006

Reflux Valves - Sewerage
Polymeric cable protection covers Durability of markings; Penetration resistance; Resistance to unroll Not applicable

AS 4702

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