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Testing Department

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Date of Accreditation

17 Jan 1966


Sisely Avenue
Wangaratta, VIC 3677


Mrs Nilani Randeni P: +61 0418497582


Services not available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

Testing Department

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure Limitations
Evaluation of fire risk for potentially flammable materials and products Textile and clothing fabrics Flame propagation Not applicable NFPA 701
Ignitability Not applicable AS 2755.1
Flammability Not applicable AS 1530.2,
AS 2755.2,
AS 2755.3,
ISO 15025
Material performance evaluation of leather, textiles and related products Coated fabrics Stiffness Not applicable

AS 2001.2.9

Heat resistance Not applicable

ISO 5978, ASTM D751 Cl.89/90/91/92/93

Flex endurance Not applicable

AS 1441.6 1973,

AS 4878.9 Method B,

DEF(AUST) 5203 

Textile and clothing fabrics Colour fastness to dry cleaning solvents Not applicable

AS 2001.4.16

Colour coordinates of coloured samples Visual comparison

AS/NZS 1580.601.3

in the wavelength 400 to 1150 nm

Abrasion resistance Martindale

AS 2001.2.25.1, 

AS 2001.2.25.2, 

AS 2001.2.25.3, 

AS 2001.2.25.4

BS EN ISO 12947 Parts 1 and 2

ASTM D3884

Appearance; Bond strength; Delamination; Shrinkage Not applicable

ASTM D2724

Tear resistance Wing rip tear

AS 2001.2.10, 

ASTM D2261,


ISO 13937-2

in the range 10 N to 30 kN

Colour fastness to rubbing Not applicable


AS 2001.4.3

Colour fastness to artificial light Not applicable

AS 2001.4.21

Colour fastness to perspiration Not applicable

AS 2001.4.E04,

ISO 105-E04: 1994,

ISO 105-E04: 2013
Colour fastness to water Not applicable

AS 2001.4.E01,

ISO 105-E01: 1994,

ISO 105-E01: 2013
Oil repellency Not applicable

DEF(AUST)5037 Method D5

Moisture content; Quantitative analyses of mixtures and blends Not applicable


AS 2001.7


Colour fastness to daylight Not applicable

AS 2001.4B0.1

Colour fastness to washing Not applicable

AS 2001.4.15,

ISO 105-C01, 

ISO 105-C05

pH Classical

AS 2001.3.1 (Method B)

Colour fastness to seawater Not applicable

AS 2001.4.E02,

ISO 105-E02 1994

Identification of fibres Classical


Qualitative analysis
Resistance to water Spray rating

AATCC 22, 

AS 2001.2.16, 


ISO 4920

Pilling resistance Not applicable

BS EN ISO 12945-1,

DEF(AUST)5037 A28

Breaking load; Tension Not applicable

ASTM D3597 cl 6.3

at constant rate of extension in the range 2 N to 30 kN

Breaking load; Tension Wide strip tensile

AS 2001.2.3.1,

ISO 13934-1 1999

ASTM D5035,

at constant rate of extension in the range 2 N to 30 kN

Width Not applicable

AS 2001.2.12

Thickness Not applicable

AS 2001.2.15

Resistance to water Hydrostatic pressure


AS 2001.2.17, 

I.S. EN 20811

hydrostatic head up to 15 kPa

hydrostatic pressure up to 2000 mbar

Bow of yarn in woven fabric; Skew Not applicable

AATCC 179, 

ASTM D3882

Resistance to water Cone

AS 2001.2.18, 

Free formaldehyde (methanal) content Not applicable

AATCC TM 112, 

ISO 14184.1, ISO 14184.2

Stretch and recovery Not applicable BS EN 14704-1
Absorbency; Air permeability; Resistance to water Not applicable


AS 2001.2.34

Mass per unit area Not applicable

AS 2001.2.13

Appearance; Dimensional change; Length; Mass; Shrinkage; Threads per unit length; Washability Not applicable


AS 2001.2.5, 

AS 2001. 5.1, 

AS 2001.5.3, 

AS 2001.5.4, 

AS 2001.5.5 (1987),

ATM TM 210,

BS EN ISO 12947 Part 4

ISO 3759,

ISO 5077, 

ISO 6330,

IWS 196

Abrasion resistance Flexing

AS 2001.2.26, 

AS 2001.2.28

Textile and clothing fabrics; Yarn and sewing thread Breaking load; Tension Grab tensile

AS 2001.2.3.2, 

AS 2001.2.20, 

AS 2001.2.21,

ASTM D5034,

ISO 13934- 2 1999

at constant rate of extension in the range 2 N to 30 kN

Seam strength Not applicable

AS 2001.2.20,

AS 2001.2.21,

ISO 13935-2

at constant rate of extension in the range 2 N to 30 kN

Yarn and sewing thread Linear density Not applicable

AS 2001.2.23

Twist Not applicable

AS 2001.2.14 (Method A)

Seam slippage; Twist Fixed seam opening slippage method

AS 2001.2.22,

BS EN ISO 13936-1

Performance evaluation of personnel protection equipment and general ballistic measurements Protective clothing Heat resistance Hot air circulating oven

ISO 17493

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