Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

28 Feb 2014


28 Taree Street
Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220


Mr Warren Hornsey P: +61 (07) 55357227


Services available to external clients

Scope of Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Technique Procedure
Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite products Geomembranes Tear resistance Not applicable ASTM D1004
Seam evaluation Wide strip tensile ASTM D7747
Core thickness Not applicable ASTM D5994
Dispersion of carbon black Microscopic examination ASTM D5596
Tensile properties Tensile tests with load stress and cross-head control ASTM D6693
Integrity; Tensile properties Not applicable ASTM D6392
Puncture resistance Index puncture ASTM D4833
Density; Density gradient Not applicable ASTM D1505
Shear strength Not applicable ASTM D7056
Carbon black content Not applicable ASTM D4218
Strength Wide strip tensile ASTM D4885
Grab tensile properties Not applicable ASTM D7004
Tear strength Not applicable ASTM D4073
Tensile properties Not applicable ASTM D638 section 11.5,
ASTM D7003
Asperity height Not applicable ASTM D7466
Tensile properties Wide strip tensile ASTM D7275
Geonets and geocomposites Cord breaking force Not applicable ASTM D7179
Compression Not applicable

ASTM D1621,

ASTM D6364

Flow rate per unit width (planar flow) Not applicable ASTM D4716
Bond strength Not applicable ASTM D7005
Pipe material and related products; Prepared test specimens Oxidation induction time (OIT) Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) ASTM D3895
High pressure oxidative induction time (HP OIT) High pressure differential scanning calorimetry ASTM D5885
Material performance evaluation of leather, textiles and related products Geosynthetic clay liners Tensile properties Narrow strip tensile ASTM D6768
Mass per unit area Not applicable ASTM D5993
Moisture content Not applicable ASTM D4643
Peel strength Not applicable ASTM D6496
Swell index of clay component of GCL Not applicable ASTM D5890
Hydraulic conductivity - Coefficient of permeability Not applicable ASTM D6766
Hydraulic conductivity - Index flux Not applicable ASTM D5887
Fluid loss of clay component of GCL Not applicable ASTM D5891
Internal and interface shear resistance Not applicable ASTM D6243
Geotextiles Internal and interface shear resistance Not applicable ASTM D5321
Seam strength Not applicable ASTM D4884
Breaking load; Tension Grab tensile

AS 2001.2.3.2

Puncture resistance Drop cone; Index value AS 3706.5
Breaking load; Elongation Not applicable ASTM D5035
Tear resistance Tearing trapezoidal AS 3706.3,
ASTM D4533
Mass per unit area Not applicable AS 2001.2.13,
AS 3706.1,
ASTM D5261
Sampling and conditioning Not applicable AS 3706.1
Thickness Not applicable AS 2001.2.15,
AS 3706.1,
ASTM D5199
Seam strength Not applicable AS 3706.6,
ASTM D4884
Elongation; Tensile properties Wide strip tensile AS 3706.2 Method A,
ASTM D4595
Pore size distribution Dry sieving AS 3706.7
Strength rating (G rating) Not applicable AUSTROADS: Guide to Pavement technology, Part 4G-Geotextiles and Geogrids - Section 3.3
Breaking load; Elongation Grab tensile AS 3706.2 Method B,
ASTM D6432
Permittivity Not applicable AS 3706.9,
ASTM D4491
California bearing ration (CBR) burst strength California bearing ratio plunger (CBR) AS 3706.4,
ASTM D6241

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